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Top 25 Greatest Sci-Fi Shows – EVER!

In the recently Wizard Magazine, there is an interesting article about the 25 Greatest Sci-Fi Shows Ever.  The list was quite interesting and extensive with the likes of X-Files, BSG, Doctor Who, Angle, Buffy, and believe it or not V.  Most of their selections were quite logical and agreeable except for one. key_art_firefly

As I mentioned, the writers included V in the 25.  For me it wasn’t’ that V was on the list, which is debatable since it was a mini sires that they were referencing,  but the writers placed it in their top 10.  Frak!!!  So, it got me thinking, what would be my top 5, 10, 15, or 25 Greatest Sci-Fi Shows Ever.

You guess it, I have a list and not too similar to Wizard’s, however I think mine is bit more logical.  If I have say, the correct one…okay all kidding aside, here it is.  My list is only the top 20.

  1. Doctor Who
  2. Battlestar Galactica (Ronald Moore)
  3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  4. Twilight Zone
  5. X-Files
  6. Star Trek
  7. Torchwood
  8. Jekyll
  9. Firefly
  10. Angel
  11. Supernatural
  12. Quantum Leap
  13. Lost
  14. Fringe
  15. Star Trek the Next Generation
  16. Primeval
  17. Dollhouse
  18. Dark Angle
  19. Smaillville
  20. Eureka
  21. Friday the 13th: The Series
  22. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  23. Deep Space Nine
  24. Get Smart
  25. The Big Bang Theory

Who will be the new Doctor

As everyone has read or heard by now, the 10th Doctor, David Tenant has declined to reprise his role as Doctor Who for Season 5 in 2010.  No, this is not a ploy by the Daleks to rid the universe of the Doctor for good…instead Tenant has decided that he is ready to move into another direction in his career – movies and the stage. Doctor Who - David Tenant

This news adds to other stunning events that rippled through the Who universe over the last few months – Russell Davis leaving as the show’s runner and the shorten Season 3 for the highly popular Torchwood (five episodes instead of the usual thirteen). 

The question on everyone’s mind is “who” will fill the large shoes that Tenant has left vacant.  Several names have been floating around the Internet and British newspapers as possible replacements.  The consistent name that I keep running across is David Morrissey.  David Morrissey is more notably remembered as co-staring with Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2 (which bombed here in the States).  Morrissey will also be appearing with Tenant in the next Doctor Who Christmas special which is currently being filmed on the grounds of Gloucester Cathedral.

Other names that have added to the speculation are Tom Ellis, which was last seen in the series Last of the Time Lords, James Nesbitt of the great but short lived series Jekyll, Bill Nighy, Richard Grant, and Robert Carlyle.

My pick is Nesbitt…I could see him providing a new “darker/serious” take on the Doctor that we have not seen over the last few years…a la Torchwood.

Whoever regenerates into the next Doctor will have a new companion to help guide him through space and time, but also an opportunity to expand the “legend” into new uncharted territory.

So “who” is your choice for the next Doctor?  The Season 5 will be here before you can say – Tardis.