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Rush vs the NFL – The Hypocrisy

As we know by now, Rush Limbaugh has been discarded as an investor for one of the cartels bidding for the NFL St. Louis Rams.  The call of arms for Rush to be dismissed traveled in many waves – from NFL owners to the NFL commissioner, fans, NFLPA, African American activist, and even players.  Were Rush’s controversial comments about Donivan McNabb 5-6 years ago as part of the NFL Countdown on ESPN really to be blame here or was there another issue at hand?Rush Limbaugh

Love him or hate him, Rush is a lightning rod of controversy from his addiction to pain meds, to his grand conservative views, and to his attacks on any sitting Democratic president, but to call the man a racist is a bit daft.  Rush makes his living as an entertainer whose sensational word is designed to elicit a response either positive or negative.  That is who Rush is.  It boils down to the fact that the NFL did not want a lightning rod as owner who could bring unwanted attention to an organization that prides itself on family entertainment with a conservative public relations image.    

The real racist in this dance is not Rush, but the NFL.  The NFL deploys a racial slur each and every Sunday for the last 76 years – Redskins, more specific the Washington Redskins.  The term Redskin is more than a name or mascot but, a single descriptive slur that singles out a member of our society (Native Americans) by the color of their skin.  Can you believe the NFL and the ownership for this team (Washington Redskins are worth more than a billion dollars) make a fortune using this slur while at the same the NFL condemns Rush is a racist. When this issue was brought up by our Native American brethren, the NFL hid behind the veil of tradition and will fight using this slur all the way to the United States Supreme Court.  Where is the hypocrisy???!!!!

Who is really the racist here – Rush or the NFL?  I think any tribe in the United States will tell you it is NFL, the real villains.


East Coast Wind Farms – is the future now?

wind-farmsAs the United States moves deeper into the 21st century, our energy needs are growing while the amount of inexpensive fuel at our deposal decreases.  This shortage is due to the increased world demand from emerging economies of India, China and the Third World – one could say the law of Supply of Demand is truly in effect.  Take last summer’s s astronomical rise in gas prices that gripped our country as a good example.

So, our need as a nation to explore alternate avenues of inexpensive and renewable energy is not only a high priority for our economical stability, but a component in our own National Security.  So, I was extremely excited when I read President George Bush’s speech at the Renewable Energy Conference on Oct 12, 2006 stating that the United States needed to severe our dependency on oil and explore new energy sources.  Finally we are on the right path to become self reliant again and not worry if the next Middle East conflict will cut off our energy needs.

Much to my delight, I was quite please to learn that Mr. Obama was going to continue what President Bush started by looking for alternate resources for our energy needs – Solar, Geo-Thermal, Hydro Electric, Nuclear, Bio-Fuels, and Wind Power.

The first step is to look at wind as resource.  A recent report from the Interior Department announced that wind farms could supply 20-25% of the electricity for majority of the East Coast.  These wind farms could generate up to 1000 gigawatts of electricity.  Not only could these farms have the potential to supply three-fourths of the United States’ electricity demand, but could lower our carbon emissions, a win-win situation.

The wind farms would reside in shallow-water and it looks like from the study that 71 percent of the nations wind resources are between North Carolina and Delaware.  As a resident of Virginia I found this possibility for our local economy and energy needs exciting.

However, as a realist I find this project utterly ridiculous and an irresponsible use of tax payers.  I give two words why this project will not only fail but would cost the tax payers imminence amount of money each year in repairs and construction costs – Hurricanes and Nor’easters.

One designated area for these farms is the Outer Banks of North Carolina or previous know as the Grave of the Atlantic.  This nickname, which the Outer Banks sorely deserves, originates from the 1500 ships that sunk over the last 300 years in its waters due to the strong off shore winds.  Even the Wright Brothers found the winds as a resource by launching their historical fight from the fields of Kittyhawk. 

These shores are not only a great source of wind, but are also the ideal place for the creation of Nor’easter storms that tendto  race right up the Virginia, Maryland, Delaware coast into New England.

Like Hurricanes, Nor’easter storms are nothing to sneeze at, they pack high winds, punishing surf, and heavy rains, and depending on the time of year even deadly hurricane_fran_optsnow/ice.  The winds from these storms can in some cases reach up to 80 mph.

The wind farms consist of tower that jets 328 feet into the air like a #2 pencil with a turbine that has a diameter as large a 747 airplane.  A nice size Hurricane or Nor’easter could easily break these turbines like tooth picks.  If Hurricane Katrina could move large off shore oil derricks that are anchored in the sea bed and not nearly as high while weighed down with several hundreds of tons several miles then image what it would due to a wind farm.  The results from a storm would devastate the farm.   People would be picking up turbines up and down the East Coast.  This danger would not only occur one, but year in and year out.   

What type of cost will the tax payer have to incur year after year to repair these facilities from storm damage and then added in additional costs of the environmental cleanup from broken turbines on our beaches or coastlines?  We are talking millions and millions of dollars per year.   Will the energy cost savings these wind farms generated be enough to offset the rebuilding and clean up cost?  I don’t think so.   So those costs would fall on you and me – the tax payer.

So cheap energy has now turned into expensive energy and again fossil fuels look to be the better alternative.  My suggestion would be to move these farms to mountain tops and other areas that the severe hand of Mother Nature cannot reach.

Although a good first step in finding an alternative source of energy, I just hope that the Federal Government and this Administration use their heads before sinking tax payer money into a potential money pit.  These type of ideas need to be vetted by many viewpoints before they reach the public form.

Obama vs. the Veterans over Healthcare

One of the most shocking revelations to come out of the new administration is not the approved “pork barrel” laden budget or the highly skeptical stimulus plan, but the new proposal to have private insurance companies pick up the health care of battle injuries for our veterans instead of the government.

Yes, you heard me correctly; Mr. Obamas’s administration has a plan on the table to have private insurance companies like Blue Cross/Blue Shield and United Healthcare pick up the tabs for battle field injures from a gun shot in the butt to an amputated leg brought on by IEDs.Mr. Obama

Isn’t it the government’s responsibility and fundamental promise to take care of our veterans when this great country sends these fine people to war to protect our liberties and way of life?  If you answered yes, then why should the private sector pick up the tab?  It wasn’t the insurance companies who sent these honorable individuals off to battle.

My guess is that proposal is the first of  too many controversial spending cuts that this administration will try to implement as a way to pay for the monstrous spending programs that have been passed these last 50 or so days in office. 

A better way would be to save money would be to eliminate or veto the enormous earmarks populating the new budget.  Welcome to Mr. Obama’s “change.”. 

Hass the White House considered what would happen if the private sector picks up the tab for veterans?  I am betting that cost would be passed on to the consumer through increased premiums and increased employer costs.  These added costs would damage an already frail health care system and economic situation.

US VetsI am not sure what the correct answer is to fix the health care our veterans are getting except by increase funding and providing less bureaucracy in managing the care which would improve efficiency. 

However, having the private sector pick up the tab is not the answer.  Give less money to the bailouts of GM, Citibank, Chrysler, and AGI and more money to our veterans.  They are the ones that need it!

What would you do with $53623.19 from the Goverment

A 7.4 trillion dollar bailout; is Congress, President Bush, and Mr. Obama kidding?  That is $53,623.19 for each of the 138,000,000 tax returns filed in 2007 if you do the math.  Instead of focusing in propping up the financial industry, auto industry, or any other industry that comes groveling to the Federal Government, I say give the money directly to the

The taxpayers would have a greater influence in pulling this economy out this “recession” than any current or future program our economic wizards can think of.  Just image what each taxpayer would due with the $53,623.19.

  1. The taxpayers would put that money in the bank; this would trouble banks by providing increase assets to draw on. (bank bailouts)
  2. Majority of the taxpayers would pay off their debts. This would increase liquidity in the market and improve the lending potential of the public since credit scores would increase. 
  3. A portion of the taxpayers would use the funds as a nice down payment on foreclosed home or a new home.  This would boost the housing market and mortgage industry.  
  4. Another portion would get a new car.  Hopefully an American car which would boots sales and would starve off any threat of bankruptcy in the near future.  Hmm…maybe that not a good thing.
  5. Consumer confidence would rise which would lead into increase sales of durable goods and services.

All in all, a win-win situation for economy, the public, and believe or not our government since they would be serving the public interest for once in the last twenty years.

The return of the GOP 2012

I want you for the GOPWell, we can now say that election 2008 is now officially in books.  Boy what a historical race it was.  Before you get too comfy and you think that we have a few years before the hype for Election 2012 begins…think again.  The GOP is already in full  swing for 2012 with a huge field of potential candidates. 

To kick things off, two of the “heavy hitters” of the GOP candidates will be appearing Iowa in the month of November – Sarah Palin and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, per Jonathan Martin at the Politico.  Thus, the GOP invasion has begun. 

Over the next few months, a red wave of potential GOP contenders for 2012 will be wasting no time in developing a grass roots campaign in the country’s premier primary state which includes – Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, former Governor Mitt Romney, Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Gov. Charlie Crist, Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, Gov. Jon Huntsman, and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas.

Not to be out done, former Governor Huckabee will be touring Iowa in his “Madden” style bus that includes his likeness tattooed on each of the bus side as he gets the word out on his new conservative book that is hitting a Barnes and Noble near you. 

Their goal is to craft a message that once again will ignite the passion and ideals of all Americas – lower taxes, capitalistic economy based ideals of Adam Smith, strong, fiscal responsibility, smaller Federal Government, strong Foreign Policy, energy independence, and conservative values, the ideals that Reagan evoked as he united the country in 1980 and 84.

Change is once again on the march as hope is gaining strength in the corn fields of Middle America for the GOP. 

Let the race begin – take back the White House 2012!

Post Election Poll by Zogby – Obama Supporters

Okay, believe it or not there is still a good amount of information that seems to be filtering out in our post-election environment.  One of the more interesting items that have taken place recently is a new Zogby poll.Election 2008

Zogby conducted an unbiased scientific poll that was commissioned by John Ziegler.  The purpose of the poll was to determine how informed the Obama supporters were of all the Presidential candidates and if the hypothesis about a bias media is correct.   The poll provided startling results

So, let’s break down the poll.  The poll was conducted from 11/13/08-11/15/08 with a sampling size of 512 (229 male and 283 female) with a margin of error of +/- 4.4%.  Further breakdown on the specific sample group and results of the questions can be found at

Here are results of the 12 question survey:

  • 1. 12% correctly identify Obama as the candidate whose energy policies would bankrupt the coal industry in this country.
  • 2. 17% correctly identify Obama as the candidate who won his first election by getting all of his opponents kicked off the ballot.
  • 3. 72% could not correctly identify Biden as the candidate who quit a previous Presidential run due to plagiarism of a campaign speech.
  • 4. 47% did not know that Biden stated that Obama would be tested by an international crisis during the first six months of his administration.
  • 5. 56% could not correctly answer which political party controlled both Houses of Congress prior to the election.
  • 6. 86% correctly associated Palin with the $150,000 wardrobe purchase by her party.
  • 7. 81% correctly identified McCain as the candidate who did not know how many houses he owned.
  • 8. 23% correctly identified Obama as the candidate that claimed to have campaigned in 57 states.
  • 9. 87% correctly identified Palin as the candidate whose state they could see Russia from their house.
  • 10. 94% correctly identified Palin as the candidate with a pregnant teenage daughter.
  • 11. 81% correctly identified Obama as the candidate who stated that government should redistribute the wealth.
  • 12. 44% correctly identified Obama as the candidate who started their political career at the home of two former members of the Weather Underground.

So, did the media really shape the minds of the voting population with tilt toward the left?  Is the voting population so misinformed that “we” fail to question what is being told to us?  Has our media-driven society turned into the vision that George Orwell wrote about in 1984?  I truly wonder…

Should GM fail?

GMWholly printing press Batman!!!!  The window at the U.S. Treasury is still open for business.  Just a few weeks ago, Congress passed the unprecedented and quite controversial $700 billion bailout plan for the Financial Industry.  Since then the market seemed to settle down and our financial institutions were saved from a so called “collapsed.”  Unknown too many, Congress was also providing relief to GM, Ford, and Chrysler LLC with a $25 billion loan to assist them in retooling their manufacturing base toward small and economical vehicles.  Wow!

Now just over a week from the completion of the 2008 Presidential Election, Congress and President-Elect Obama are talking about another bailout for our “beloved” auto industry.  This time around dollar amount is extensively higher to the tune of $50 billion dollars.  Unbelievable!!!!  I can’t believe the Congress and the President-Elect are willing to give away taxpayer money to an industry that resisted altering their business model for the last 20 years.  Guess what…that lack of denial has now come home to roost in Detroit.

I agree with most economist that a company the size of GM is too large to let fail due to the ramifications it could have on the economy – the enormous lost tax revenue, the increase in overall unemployment rate and fuel to this prolonged “Rescission” for several more years. 

Here are some facts to give you an idea how enormous this industry is and what an integrated part of our economy this industry is.  The automobile industry makes up four percent of the U.S Gross Domestic Product and 10% of U.S. industrial production by value.  One out of every 10 U.S. jobs is auto-related.

Yes, it is a big chuck.  However, shouldn’t the market dictate if these companies should survive or not.  Bankruptcy laws were written and passed for this reason, to provide companies a shield to assist them in developing a better business model while negotiating for better leases, labor, etc.  The goal is to emerge as a leaner and stronger company.

This option would be perfect for GM, Ford, or Chrysler LLC.  Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy would provide the auto manufacturers the ability to take power back from the powerful outdated labor unions and negotiate a reasonable/fair market wages, close unprofitable factories, secure better/cheaper parts network, and reduce the dealership network to a more manageable number.

Believe it or not, filing for bankruptcy is a better option than using taxpayer money to keep afloat an industry that has a broken business model.  What will keep the this industry from coming back to Congress a one, two, or five years to ask for another bailout. 

Does anyone really think that this money being proposed by Congress would honestly be used to turn things around again.  If you do, then I have some wonderful beach front property to sell you in Nevada.  Remember, bankruptcy worked for the airline industry before and after 9/11. 

If Congress and the President-Elect is willing to provide the auto industry money, what is stopping them from providing bail outs to other industries that are suffering from this economic down turn, bad business models, and/or high commodity prices like – the airline industry, steel industry, satellite radio, farmers, etc.  Heck, how bout Circuit City?  How can we let the second largest electronic retailer fail?  Where will I get my fix of new Simpson DVDs?

If the Feds are willing to hand out money to any company that declares them as a bank a la American Express and Goldman Sacks, then I hereby declare that I am now a bank holding company.   I am ready for my windfall of “lottery” money.”  So let’s make a deal!!!”

With all seriousness, these government-sponsored handouts need to stop.  The market is an extension of Darwinism – survival of the fittest.  It is time for the Bulls and Bears to battle it out!

Our economic philosophy is based on Adam Smith economic model…not Karl Marx!