The return of the GOP 2012

I want you for the GOPWell, we can now say that election 2008 is now officially in books.  Boy what a historical race it was.  Before you get too comfy and you think that we have a few years before the hype for Election 2012 begins…think again.  The GOP is already in full  swing for 2012 with a huge field of potential candidates. 

To kick things off, two of the “heavy hitters” of the GOP candidates will be appearing Iowa in the month of November – Sarah Palin and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, per Jonathan Martin at the Politico.  Thus, the GOP invasion has begun. 

Over the next few months, a red wave of potential GOP contenders for 2012 will be wasting no time in developing a grass roots campaign in the country’s premier primary state which includes – Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, former Governor Mitt Romney, Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Gov. Charlie Crist, Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, Gov. Jon Huntsman, and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas.

Not to be out done, former Governor Huckabee will be touring Iowa in his “Madden” style bus that includes his likeness tattooed on each of the bus side as he gets the word out on his new conservative book that is hitting a Barnes and Noble near you. 

Their goal is to craft a message that once again will ignite the passion and ideals of all Americas – lower taxes, capitalistic economy based ideals of Adam Smith, strong, fiscal responsibility, smaller Federal Government, strong Foreign Policy, energy independence, and conservative values, the ideals that Reagan evoked as he united the country in 1980 and 84.

Change is once again on the march as hope is gaining strength in the corn fields of Middle America for the GOP. 

Let the race begin – take back the White House 2012!


4 responses to “The return of the GOP 2012

  1. One wonders how many of the politicians you mention in the post will actually help the country hew back to a conservative way of thinking.

    While it is good to look back at Reagan as a touchstone for modern conservatism, he (being human) set the stage very successfully for much of the runaway spending which is governments modern legacy.

    We need to keep the best of what Goldwater, Reagan and others taught and did and make sure that we do not repeat their mistakes.

  2. Micahel,

    I understand, however I do feel that out of this crop of politicians there is one who for the most part beam the Goldwater and Reagan values – Newt.

    I am not sure if he will run or not, but unitl the GOP looks back at its roots (Reagan and Goldwater), the left will contiue marching and leading this country into a replica of modern day France.

    Thanks for taking the time and checking out my blog. I find your site enlighting and hits the mark. Keep up the good work.

  3. Good post! The Republican Party shall rise again.

  4. Thanks Thanks! I agree the GOP will rise better and stronger.

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