The Fourth Estate is for Obama

Can you believe that Election Day is just a few short days way?  For both candidates November 4th is Christmas, the seventh game of the World Series, and Super Bowl all rolled up in one day.  This day is also when “The Fourth Estate” pulls out all the stops to help report to the American public who will be our next President from the time sun peaks over the eastern horizon to the blurry hours of the next morning. “The Fourth Estate” is the eyes, ears and the American Public in a neutral environment.

As noble as that all sounds, the truth of the matter is that “The Fourth Estate” is not that noble nor is it that neutral in reporting on candidates this election year.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

A recent study published by has examined the impact that media has had on the 2008 Presidential Election.  This study investigated the amount of negative and positive media each candidate received from both cable and network news channels.  The goal was to determine if the media has been fair their coverage of Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain.  The study looked from September 8 through October 16 time period. 

The study disclosed some rather interesting statistics and evidence that most Americans have suspected – the majority of the media is basis toward the left.

During this time frame Sen. Obama received 36% negative and 29% positive stories while Sen. McCain received 57% negative and 14% positive stories.  A startling statistic, especially when the media touts themselves as a neutral body that looks at everyone with equal eyes.  If you think these numbers are bad, review these other statistics.

  • Fox News reported 40% of the stories about Sen. Obama as negative while reporting 40% of the stories about Sen. McCain as negative. Is this right, it’s the same for both?
  • MSNBC reported 14% of the stories about Sen. Obama as negative while reporting 73% of the stories about Sen. McCain as negative.
  • NBC has reported 54% of the stories about Sen. McCain as negative while its same coverage for Sen. Obama was 20% negative.
  • ABC and CBS coverage was fairly neutral for both candidates.
  • CNN reported 61% of the stories about Sen. McCain as negative while its same coverage for Sen. Obama was 39% negative.

The study also provided credence for many of us who have always argued that MSNBC, NBC, and CNN have ideological views that line up with Democratic Party.  While Fox, ABC, and CBS taken a neural stance toward reporting on both candidates, you could almost could say all three were – “Fair and balanced,” still a line from Fox News.

Side note: Interesting that Obama decided not to by his infomercial last night on ABC and CBS?

So, has media failed to provide the American public an unbiased coverage of the candidates or has the Media been coerced by the left to produce positive stories for Sen. Obama that would help influence polling number and campaign contributions?  A good question…a person could possible say there is an underlining conspiracy at work here that would make Nixon look honest.  Does the Media really hate the Republications a.k.a. President Bush so much that journalism has taken a back seat to activism?  If the last seven years is indication, then I would say…YES!

History will look back at 2008 as the year that “The Fourth Estate” died.  R.I.P.


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