Where are the displaced NFL Fans?

I stumbled across a rather interesting article on the New York Times website – Survey of Fan Loyalties: Are you a Displaced Fan.  Direct TV recently performed a survey of its Sunday Ticket subscribers in affiliation with an “ultimate displaced fan” contest to examined loyalties to determine where the fan loyalties are concentrated in the various television markets.  The survey provided several interesting surprises.

These results are Designated Market Areas that feature the largest out of market fan base for each NFL team.  For example, the Washington DC market is Redskin territory.  Therefore, the survey helps identifies the largest non-Redskin fans in that market based on the subscribers to the NFL Sunday Ticket package offered by Direct TV.  Without further ado, here are the results.

  1. Arizona Cardinals – St. Louis, Mo
  2. Atlanta Falcons – Greenville-Spartanburg, SC / Asheville, NC
  3. Baltimore Ravens – Harrisburg-Lancaster, PA
  4. Buffalo Bills – Orlando-Daytona, FL
  5. Carolina Panthers – Norfolk, VA
  6. Chicago Bears – Las Vegans, NV
  7. Cincinnati Bengals – Charleston-Huntington, WV
  8. Cleveland Browns – Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL
  9. Dallas Cowboys – Washington, DC
  10. Denver Broncos – Las Vegas, NV
  11. Detroit Lions – Orlando-Daytona, FL
  12. Green Bay Packers – Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
  13. Houston Texans – Fresno-Visalia, CA
  14. Indianapolis Colts – Knoxville, TN
  15. Jacksonville Jaguars – Norfolk, VA
  16. Kansas City Chiefs – Des Moines, IA
  17. Miami Dolphins – Atlanta, GA
  18. Minnesota Vikings – Des Moines-Ames, IA
  19. New England Patriots – Orlando-Daytona, FL
  20. New Orleans Saints – Jackson, MS
  21. New York Giants – West Palm Beach, FL
  22. New York Jets – West Palm Beach, FL
  23. Oakland Raiders – Las Vegas, NV
  24. Philadelphia Eagles – Baltimore, MD
  25. Pittsburgh Steelers – Cleveland, OH
  26. Sand Diego Chargers – Las Vegas, NV
  27. San Francisco 49ers – Portland, Or
  28. Seattle Seahawks – Portland, OR
  29. St. Louis Rams – Fresno-Visalia, CA
  30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Greenville-Spartanburg, SC / Asheville, NC
  31. Tennessee Titans – San Antonio, TX
  32. Washington Redskins – Raleigh-Durham, NC

Some the things that stood out to me that Florida are truly the winter playground for New York and New England residents.  The Cardinals are still loved in St. Louis.  Who would have thought so many fans of the Panthers were in Norfolk.  Being a fan of the Panthers, maybe I should leave Richmond for Norfolk?!!  Last but not least, isn’t it ironic there is a huge contingent of Cowboy fans in metro area of Washington DC…Redskin country!


2 responses to “Where are the displaced NFL Fans?

  1. Very interesting. This is something that I never real thought about, but I can understand.

    But, being a Detroit Lion fan, living here near Detroit, why would ANYONE ANYWHERE wanna still be a fan, especially in Florida.

    Those old people down there must have a death wish if they gonna keep their loyalty to the Lions.

  2. Wow, The Falcons are loved in Ashville and spartanbur SC and NC. It makes sense cause both cities are about two hours drive.

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