Batman’s Protégée to rock the CW

It looks like CW is turning to the successful model of Smallville to launch another one-hour drama that will focus around yet another iconic character from DC Universe – Dick Grayson aka Robin/Nightwing

This show will engross the viewer into the adventures of Dick Grayson as he navigates the waters of adolescence.  The show will be called The Graysons.  CW’s intention is to have this show be either a companion piece to Smallville or a replacement when Smallville concludes.

The Graysons will be in good hands with the Kelly Sounders and Brian Peterson (Smallville) along with McG (Supernatural) producing the show.

Being a Batman fan I find the idea  of doing a show around Dick Grayson rather interesting and am looking forward to seeing another side of the Batman Universe explored. 

However, I am bit disappointed that CW did not attempt to spin off the current version of the Green Arrow who has graced the mean streets of Smallville for the last three seasons. 

At first, I was bit apprehensive about the appearance of Oliver Queen to the Superman Universe, but I am proud to say that the producers of Smallville have pulled it off quite nicely.  He is one of my favorite recurring characters in the Smallville Universe.


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