Heroes – Villains (season three)

Well, the third season of Heroes kicked off in a two-hour event to mark the next volume in this ongoing saga – called Villains.  As you guessed, this season explores the Villains in the Heroes universe.  We get to see who these villains are, how do they fit into the Heroes universe, and receive additional details about the “mysterious” Company, while shedding light on the current events that shape the catastrophic future. 

That is sure a full plate for Heroes this season.  The question that many of fans have on their mind – can Heroes capture the imaginations, suspense, and ratings gold that made Season One so successful?

Season Three kicks off with a bang literally and figuratively as Claire “Bear” confronts the powerful Peter four years in the opaque future.  The viewer is lead to believe through the narrow eyes of Peter that the catastrophic events that hound our “heroes” in the future were caused by one monumental event in time – the press conference in which Nathan was ready to announce to the world that “heroes” walk among us. 

Peter thinking linearly comes to the disastrous conclusion that he can change the future by altering the past – assassinating Nathan during the press conference (the final and shocking scene that ended Season Two).  Unbeknown to Peter is the paradox that has been theorized with time travel aka the Butterfly Effect. 

As you have guessed it, Peter’s tragic logic and linear actions developed severe consequences that will commence throughout Season Three.  By changing one event, a chain reaction is unleashed.  A reaction that started with Sylar acquiring Claire’s powers. However during the power transfer Sylar recognizes that she is “special” and spares her life, alluding to the fact that she cannot perish. 

Other consequence lead to the escape of the Fugitive Five, the death of Bob, the return of Linderman, a breakthrough in science by Mohinder, and ascension to Congress for Nathan, along with a bleak future for our “heroes.”  What a turn of events for the start of Season Three. 

As much as this sounds riveting and “must see” TV, I am afraid to report that once again we are led down the path of sloppy writing, borrowed ideas, and extremely creative literary licenses by what I thought was capable and studious writers.  So, where do I begin?

  1. The Butterfly Effect/Time Travel.  Even though this concept is always a good plot tool to use; I would have thought the writers could have developed an effective way to use it.  They should reference classic Star Trek as a guide to use time travel tool in a story?
  2. Linderman.  The apparition of Linderman as only seen by Nathan is the same tool Ronald Moore has using in Battlestar Galactica for the past four seasons with Baltar and Six.
  3. Mohinder morphing after experimenting on himself with “hero DNA.”  If I remember correctly, the same metamorphosis that Mohinder is experiencing is quite similar to the ones Jeff Goldberg exhibited in the movie The Fly.
  4. Next is the Mommy effect by Mama Petrelli with Sylar.  If I didn’t know better I swear I have seen this before but on the male side of the equation in the Empire Strikes Back – “Luke, I am your father.”
  5.  The future – destruction of human kind along with associated consequences from a deadly virus unleashed on the world population.  Hmm, can someone say 12 Monkeys?!  This reference could also explain the time travel vehicle that Peter uses a la Bruce Willis.

These examples are just a few samples of what I found in the first two hours of Heroes – Villains. 

If this is what the viewer is in for as the season progresses — old ideas, rehashed themes, and borrowed plot vehicles — then NBC will be immensely disappointed in the ratings and the fans of a once promising series will be looking back and wondering how they get their lost hour back. 

Let’s hope Heroes finds it voice again before it is too late.


4 responses to “Heroes – Villains (season three)


  2. Nick – I guess my expectations are high since portion of the staff have extensive back grounds working at DC & Marvel comics and Lost. I would think having worked with similar subject matter that writing would be elevated for TV.

  3. Was I the only one totally overwhelmed by this episode?

    Someone needs to tell the producers that sometimes less is more. There were too many plot twists to digest.

    I would have been happy with one hour and a chance to contemplate what I learned.


    Hiro is usually my favorite character, but his plot line last night bored me.

    I had a ton of questions from the last season that are still unanswered.


    And now I have even more questions, like:

    Is that really Linderman? I thought he was dead?

    Was Angela being figurative or literal when she claimed to be Sylar’s mama?

    Where did Niki/Tracy get that power?

    Who does Daphne work for?

  4. If you are interested, I did a Heroes Season 3 podcast. Go to this link to hear streaming: http://monsterscifishow.wordpress.com/2008/09/25/monster-scifi-show-podcast-episode-8-09252008/

    or go to iTunes keyword monster scifi show


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