Batman-3 Who will be next the villian(s)?

Wow!  The Dark Knight was a great movie.  Who can match the sinister, engaging, and mesmerizing villain portrayal of Heath Ledger’s Joker.  Words can not describe the job Nolan and Ledger did to provide the depth and psychotic psychosis that Joker possesses in modern age of the Batman comics.


With the success of the Dark Knight (2nd grossing film of all time) the “fanboy” community is already speculating on which villain(s) will be tapped by Nolan for the third installment of the Batman (reset) franchise.  Numerous message boards and websites have been battering around possibilities for the next villain – Catwoman, Poison Ivy, the Riddler, or Penguin. 


One advantage the Batman franchise has over other comic movies is the immense depth of Batman’s rogues gallery for Nolan to pull from in picking the next villain.  If Nolan follows the current themes of organized crime that engulfed the first two movies and the carefully crafts each movie with as much realism as possible, I see these candidates as the possible choices:



v     Two Face – My guess is that we have not seen the last of Harvey Dent.


v     Black Mask – Another child of Gotham’s elite, Roman Sionis was jealous of Bruce growing up.  This envy so engulfed Roman that he even tried to kill his parents (and succeed in eliminating his father) just so he could inherit the family’s successful Janus Cosmetic Corporation. 


But Roman had no business sense and eventually brought the company to the brink of financial disaster.  In the end Wayne Industries bailed him out by buying out the company.  But rather than being thankful, Roman’s hatred for Bruce rose to a new level.


Roman then dons the death mask carved from his mother’s coffin to become the Black Mask and begins murdering Wayne Enterprises employees.  But the disguise becomes permanent when toxic chemicals spilled during a fight with Batman burn the mask into his face.


Black Mask becomes the most sadistic Don of organized crime in Gotham and a thorn in both Bruce Wayne and Batman’s side.


v     Riddler – Better known as Edward Nashton or Nigma, the Ridder’s crimes are more intellectual than physical.  The Riddler’s criminal capers are all cloaked in challenging puzzles.


His knack for riddles stem from his childhood when he used puzzles to escape his father’s wrath and beatings.  The Riddler would make an excellent foe for Nolan’s Batman because he engages Batman’s intellectual skills not just his physical ones.


v     Deadshot – Deadshot is another devious criminal who tried to play both sides of the game.  Originally he tried to take Batman’s place as Gotham’s savior, thereby opening the opportunity for him to establish himself as Gothom’s new organized crime boss.  In the end, Commissioner Gordon and Batman foiled his attempts, leaving Deadshot with his own personal suite at Blackgate Prison.


This set back didn’t deter Deadshot for long.  Upon his release, Deadshot became a hired assassin with reputation that he “never missed.”  An expert with a variety of execution tools, his weapon of choice is his writ-mounted guns. 


2 responses to “Batman-3 Who will be next the villian(s)?

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  2. well from what i’ve heard the new villans are going to be catwoman, riddler, 2 face, and the penguin

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