The Last Cylon Revealed?

In a recent interview with James Olmos published on SyFy Portal, the fans of Battlestar Galactica were able to get a snap shot of the last ten episodes of what the series will entail. 

 The planet discovered in mid season break episode of 2008 was indeed a nuked Earth.  The next ten episodes will deal the ramifications of a scattered dream and what to do with this new found nuclear wasteland.  Will the Colonials build their new home on the barren Earth with their Rebel Cylon Allies, or continue across the starts in search of a better home?  These are all fantastic questions that the fans hope to be answered over the course of the last ten episodes.  Olmos did pull the curtain back just a bit to provide a hit of what the last chapter of this space opera will look like.  Per Olmos, the last episodes will be “brutal” and gut-wrenching and not the happy ending the fans were given with the seventies series.  However, Olmos did confirm – “the human race will survive.”  My suggestions is to make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand, I have a strong feeling tissues will be in high demand as we march to the series finally.

One other note, Olmos mention that several new charterers will be introduced which has set off my Cylon radar.  One of the new charterers will be a Colonial Marine who is played by Colin Corrigan.  From my understanding this Marine has already appeared several times in the series but in the background role.  Could this Marine be the final Cylon that everyone is looking for?  Hmmm….it sure does add some speculation to it.  I would not be surprised if the speculation became true. 

The last ten episodes will air in the first quarter of 2009 on Sci-Fi Channel.  See you there!


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