The Messiah of the Democratic Party

I guess everyone by now knows that the Messiah of the Democratic Party has spoken.  From his reverent mouth came the announcement the world has been waiting for with anticipated breath – who will be his Vice President candidate.  To everyone’s surprise Barack Obama chose the Senator from Delaware Joe Biden, a 36-year veteran of the United States Senate who has extensive foreign policy background, their third most liberal voting recorded, and a true Washington insider.  This choice for Vice President provides Sen. Obama a running mate and mentor who will help catapult Sen. Obama to the ultimate political price – President of the United States.

Before I ask some poignant questions about this choice for Vice President I would like to remind everyone that history has way of repeating itself.  There was this Presidential election way back in 2000.  A Governor from the great state of Texas was running for President without much political background and experience chose for his running mate a political insider, with a strong foreign policy background, and a long career in Washington – Dick Chaney.  Fast forward to 2008, substitute Republican for Democrat and you have basically the same scenario all over again.  Interesting…

For a man who preached change for the last two years, his pick of a Washington insider is still an unbelievable move.  A ticket of change should have someone not so connected in Washington like Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine as an example.

Since the Messiah has made his pick, I now have a few questions – beyond the obvious ones – as to why Obama chose Biden. 

First, how can Sen. Obama bring a man to the ticket that not only criticized his own credentials for the Office of the President during the primaries, but has a history of making sensitive remarks about Indians and other ethnic groups including African-Americans? 

Secondly, you throw in Biden stance on the Iraq War, NAFTA, partial-birth abortion ban, and mandated universal health care.  Doesn’t really complement Obama, does it? 

For someone who has created a well-engineered campaign with tremendous buzz for the last two years while not  providing substantial details about his policies and ideas, bringing Biden onto the ticket was not one the best moves he could have made with less than 60 days until the Election Day. 

Biden is a loose cannon with a large ego, and short temper away from bring down this campaign to the levels of defeat that Dukakis experience in 1988, which just makes me giddy as a school boy.  From the outside looking in, Biden will turn into more of a liability than an asset was we march toward Nov 4th.


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