Schlitz is back!

So you have just taken your last Bud beer bong shot out of disgust of the news about the latest corporate coup – In-Bev’s take over of Anheuser-Busch.  I can hear you now… “What do a bunch freaking lefty Europeans know about making American beer?”  Calm down before you spill your Bud all over your wife-beater shirt, because I have news of a beer legend’s return to its rightful place in America’s pint glass. 

Schlitz is now back!!!!!  The beer that put Milwaukee on the map and gave us Laverne & Shirley is making a coming back.  The Pabst Blue Ribbon Company who bought Schlitz back 1999 from Stroh’s is now brewing Schlitz in its original formula.  No more shorten fermenting process and poor control issues that created a flat tasting beer back 70s and early 80s.  Instead you get a product that tastes like it did during its prime when it was the number one beer in America from 1934 to the mid-1950s.  I can already hear everyone already yelling “Yeah Beer!!!!” 

So far the roll out of this legend has been only in selective east coast cities and of course Milwaukee.  But never fear, Schiltz’s comeback has met with tremendous success, selling out every where the beer has been introduced.  Hopefully the positive feedback will convince Pabst to commence a national roll out of the true “King of Beers.”   As the old Schlitz add use to say – “Just kiss the hops.”  Cheers!


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