Two Wheel Revolution

Wow, it has been a long time since I wrote a worthwhile blog.  I guess you can blame the dog days of summer for my absence. With that said, let me try to make up for lost time.

Since May 2008 my family, like most Americans, is feeling the pinch at the gas pump.  Who would have thought that gas prices would jump as much as 80 to 100% over last year’s prices.  Like everything, salaries are always slow to catch up with sudden increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), so it is up to the consumer to amend their spending in order to survive these wicked times.  Well, adjust is exactly what I have done.  On a side note, it is a good way to help the environment while you are at it (you don’t have be a Democrat to believe in conservation). So you are wondering what I have done . . . no I have not downsized any of my vehicles, no I am not taking mass transit (I live in the burbs), but I have embraced commuting into work on my road bike – 11 miles each way.  Yes, I have given up my SUVs for my beautiful Trek 1000 road bike (which my mountain is now jealous of).  Who would have thought that would happen…okay maybe my lovely wife would have. Any way

Biking is one way that I have found to a be a positive step in reducing my weekly expense in gas, lowering my so called carbon foot print, and getting in better shape which in the long run will provide a overall better wellness and less dependency on our health care system.  Now that is surely killing two birds with one stone.

So far I am saving anywhere from $20-30 a week in gas or $80-90 a month.  Not bad at all. It sure isn’t chump change! Plus, I have made sure my tires are fully inflated and my bike tuned up.   Take that Obama!

I have also been pleasantly surprised to discover via many different stories in the media that I am not the only American that has given up four wheels for two.  This trend is happing on both sides of our great nation. Now college campuses are catering to petal power to solve not only parking issues but energy too.

Could this be one of those special bookmarks in history?  The creation of biking revolution!??? If so, I have only one thing to say — Vive le vélo!!!


2 responses to “Two Wheel Revolution

  1. I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

  2. Thanks Josh!

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