China beats the US!

Once again US have been elapsed by China in another key global category – Co2 emotions.  In a recent study released to the press, China is listed as the top contributor to carbon-dioxide emissions which are the most important global-warming pollutant. 

 China rose to the top in mid-2006 as their industrial base has expanded their usage of coal, a main ingredient in carbon-dioxide emissions.  China’s rapid industrial growth over the last several years has surprised all the experts in category.  Will it ever end? 

 Carbon Dioxide Emissions (billions of tons):

 Year    China     United States

  2001     3.4                 6.5

 2002      4.0                 6.6

 2003      4.7                 6.5

 2004      5.5                 6.7

 2005      6.1                 6.7

 2006      6.6                 6.6

 When will the world wake up and see that China is more than a threat to the environment than the US?  Until the world starts holding China accountable for their actions, global warming will never be tamed.   


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