Battlestar Galatica – The rise of the machines

Wow!  What an incredible start to the fourth and final season of Battlestar Galactica.  So far we have seen a Civil War erupt among the Cylons, a secret mission to find Earth, the death of a beloved crew member, a new representative on the Quorum of Twelve, the emergence of a Messiah, the foundations of totalitarian rule, and the ongoing question of who is the final Cylon.Six - BSG

Can you believe all this has occurred in the first three episodes?  What a ride this season has been so far and we haven’t even hit third gear yet!  One of the striking storylines that has gripped me is the maturation of the Cylon race.  Over the last few seasons we have watched as the cyborg Cylons mature into spiritual, sentient beings that recognize that there is a higher being who is directing the destiny of all living things…a la a single God.  What a remarkable evolution of a man-made species.

What is more striking is development of prejudice that the Cavil model has toward the Centurions and Raiders of the Cylon Empire.  To paraphrase, “They are not pets, but machines are made to be reprogrammed.”  Isn’t that the stance the humans took when they created the Cylons?  Look what happen when they were wrong – a revolution occurred.  Summitry is a wonderful thing. 

So what makes the Cylons better than their human creators?  What are the true reasons behind the war?  Could the real reason to destroy the humans have more to do with race and religion than anything else?  I think there is more truth here than meets the eye.  If Cavil is prejudice toward his own kind, what is stopping him or any other models from having the same feeling toward the humans? Throw in the difference in religious beliefs; you makings of old fashion religious war similar to wars that rage between the Christian Crusaders and Muslims of the Middle Ages on Earth.

 Since end of the third season, we have developed a better picture of majority of the Cylon modes:

  1. Cavil
  2. Leoben
  3. D’anna (boxed)
  4. Simon
  5. Doral
  6. Caprica (all destroyed?)
  7. ???
  8. Sharon (all destroyed minus Boomer & Athena?)
  9. Chief Tyrol
  10. Saul Tigh
  11. Tory
  12. Sam Anders

 The question that will not be satisfied quick enough this season is who is the twelfth model?  We know from interviews that Ronald Moore gave earlier this year that Bill and Apollo Adama, President, and possibly Starbuck were not the final Cylon.  So, who could it be?  I don’t have any proof only a gut feeling, but my money is on Tom Zarek the former revolutionary/terrorist and now Vice President of the Colonies.  What a great choose he would be.  A Cylon in place as a deep mole ready to grab the reins of power from the Humans when they are the cusps of finding Earth…how Shakespearian this would be. 


6 responses to “Battlestar Galatica – The rise of the machines

  1. Interesting thoughts… But no matter what, all the Sixes are not destroyed – Caprica Six is on the Galactica. And then there’s Head Six, if she’s actually exists and isn’t a figment of Baltar’s insanity.

    FYI, feel free next week to join the So Say We All: The Battlestar Galactica Blog Carnival.

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  2. Amy, you are correct about Six. The same can also be said about Sharon class too. I feel that this is only the start of a much bigger Cylon Civil War.

    Thanks for the invite, I look foward in checking it out.

  3. For fracks sake,

    source this alleged interview,

    Because there is no interview, denouncing the people you said can not be a cylon.

    Listen to the podcasts – this is where “not bill, appollo, starbuck, baltar or rosslyn” comes from and he didnt even say that, he said they could not be one of the dylan 4, we would feel cheated

    I dont know how many forums i have to post this on to make people understand!!!! RDM publically stated starbuck had died for good, wont be returning, the actors were seriously pissed off (he even took her name of the credits), untill RDM called to a meeting with the actors to explain

    RDM is not gonna tell us ” the final cylon could be…. (enter name here)” cos that would spoil the fracking show

    I mean i agree with your idea about a civil war,

    But did you not see that comming when the fleet were on new caprica?

    Were you not asking these questions when the programme began? what started the war?? They call them toasters for frack sake of course its to do with race/religion/humanity….

    The reason they want to wipe out all humans, is as Di’anna say’s if they leave a few humans, in 1000yrs times when we were back to full strength, another war would happen, the humans would teach there children to hate cylons. to kill the cylons

    The humans always say “how can you kill a machine” they dont see them as alive, and neither does cavil with raiders & drones

    I would like to point out


    list of wars that have nothing to do with religion,

    American civil war,
    Iraq 1 & 2
    Afgan vs Russia
    English civil war
    Anglo French 100 yr war
    Boar War,
    English – Spanish
    American – Spanish/mexican

    Do i really need to go on???

    Being english, we know alot about wars since we started most of them (pre 20th century)

  4. Wow, nice to see that BSG has fans across the Pond. Chris, thank you for taking the time to scribe such a passionate response to my blog, I always feel humble to receive feedback from readers of my blog.

    However, I have a disagreement with a few points that you made.

    • I agree that RDM is not going to tell us who the final Cylon is going to be…the speculation is part of the fun…just like Xmas.
    • Yes, I saw this Civil War coming when Sharon & Six were on Caprica, but at the time I was not sure the extent or what would be trigger for this monumental event.
    • Yes, I have always wondered why the 2nd Cylon war occurred…my thoughts were more to do with a superiority complex ala Nazism, but as the show progressed my hypothesis now included religion and self preservation.
    • You are correct, the humans see the Cylons as basically as machines which is no different as the Romans saw their slaves as property. One of many flaws humans have. However, the Cylons failed to take into account that humans do learn from their mistakes given an opportunity to do so.
    • I believe there have been many wars through out history that religion has either been a catalyst in starting them or an underlying issue on why they are being fought.

    Here are just a few examples:

    Every war that Israel has fought since 1948
    Iraq & Iranian War (Shiite vs. Sunni)
    Afghan vs Russia (Communism vs rise of radical Islam)
    England vs Ireland (Protestant vs Catholics)
    England vs Scotland (Protestant vs Catholics)
    Long War (Austria vs Ottoman Empire)
    Thirty Years War (Catholicism vs Calvinism)
    Saxons Wars (Christianity vs paganism)

    Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog and for your thoughts.

  5. Thats not many religous war’s,

    England vs Ireland (Protestant vs Catholics)

    i studied this at school for two years, again its about land, religon is the one difference between the groups of people, but this could have been race/skin colour (im keeping to english uk spellings, hence the u in colour!lol), it was more about people turning up and taking the land, the catholic/protestant thing is just a way to label the two sects, much like cylons (human form)/humans – then in turn the extremist use the differences to incite hate, war etc

    (also i wouldnt call it an english vs irish, it was william of orange and his cronies ie dutch)

    The same with palestine/israel, again its not about religion, its about a “people” turning up and taking land, resources. The us and uk wouldnt let all the (post war) jewish refugee’s move into our countries so we told them – go back to israel, of course the nomadic tribes wernt too happy about their land being taken! (i stress the “taken”)

    Ok ill give you the saxon/christian war, ha but thats about it. Ottoman vs austia i cant agree about

    Note..Not all Romans saw thier slaves as nothing, infact they had some laws (you couldnt just kill a slave, you could be tried in court for murder)

    Tho im getting off topic… ha ha

    The cylons also learn from their mistakes……. NEW CAPRICA, caprica 6’s revelation she thought the genocide was wrong! Tho it didnt work, the cylons were trying to live in harmony
    with the humans (ok the same kind of twisted harmony we have in iraq), but of course the humans or should i say the dylan 4 resistance ( notice it was anders, tryol, tigh and that fine ass tory, with a little help from roslyn that were leading the “terrorists” (…hmm roslin hey??? makes me wonder))

    I dont think the humans have learnt anything, doesnt it make you laugh how – no-one trusts starbuck as she might be a cylon, while athena stands next to them?? (a known cylon) The humans dont see the cylons as alive at all, except for athena of course

    What im left wondering from the end of the 1st cylon war, was who was the deal signed with? What kind of cylon? Was there a leader? (imperious?lol) , if so where are they now?

    I still think everything thats happened is all part of the cylon plan, everything……..

    I think that the angels (which appeared in the original series) may show up or are infact the final 5

    I think the second war was started due to “the plan” or like you say above self preservation..
    But it all comes down to fathers/sons – appollo/adama = cylon/human its essentially the same relationship. (actually that one just came to me and i think its pretty good). Appollo falls out with his father all the time, because he has a different point of view than adama, and adama thinks apollo as his child, like all parents they dont think of there there kids as people, they think of them as children, (not human!lol)

    PS if you check the history of BSG re-invented you will find the original TV movie aired here in the UK (and begining of season 1) before it was shown in the states (alot of the funding came from one of our TV station’s sky 1 before it was officially picked up on sci-fi!! so atleast i take alot of notice, i cant say that i know anybody else who watches the show here!! hence why i come online to chat about it!)

    thanks for the blog, and the discussion, i look forward to what else you have to say!

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