Deadliest Catch – Season Four

Spring is in the air.  The trees are beginning to bud, the flowers are in bloom, and of course the men of men are busting their hump on the cold waters of the Barring Sea as they stake their claim on Alaskan Gold – King Crab!  If you haven’t heard, the fourth season of the Deadliest Catch is upon us.

The fourth season opens a bit more precarious than expected.  As the Wizard treks north from her home port of Seattle to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, she is ambushed by a rouge wave that cuts a small incision around one of the welds on the side of the ship.  You guessed it; she starts to take on water which is every fisherman’sTime Bandit worst nightmare at sea, especially in these cold waters.  Lucky for the crew, they made it safely into Dutch Harbor for temporary repairs.  So is this leak an omen of what will come for Wizard this crab season?  Let’s hope not.

If I had to label Season 4, I would say it is the season of family.  We start off with Capt. Sig Hansen hoisted his family’s crest on the bridge of the Northwestern to honor his brothers who work on the boat.  Then we have Capt. Phil Harris who has his two sons working the Cornelia Marie.  Now we have a new family member, Capt. Jonathan Hillstrand’s son Scott has now joined the crew.  Can Scott live up to the Hillstrand tradition and become a crab fisherman?  Time will only tell.

Like each season before this one, all the captains of the Fleet gather at the local water hole in Dutch Harbor, the Latitudes to discuss the upcoming crab season and the all important  “captain’s wager.”  This year’s wager is a bit of whopper – it is a weekly bet on who has the best string of pots.  The catch is that the captain must call the string before it hits the water.  The captain who has won the most strings at the end of the King Crab season is the winner.  So, which of the captains will win this year’s prize Sig, Jonathan, Phil, Keith, or Sten? 

So, what makes a crab season so interesting?  The rough work these men of men do, the danger that lurks around each crashing wave, the weather, or the captain’s wrath?  No, it’s the greenhorns.  This season has it plethora of greenhorns.  Here how it breaks down -the Northwestern has one, the Time Bandit has one, and the Wizard has two what about the fourth ship?.  Even before the boats shove off to the crab grounds, these greenhorns were already making their presence felt…and not in a good way.

So far we have seen the Wizard in distress, a new band of greenhorns, a family member following his destiny, the Northwestern starting several hours behind the fleet due to a propeller shaft replacement at Dutch Harbor, a new “captain’s wager” and of course Capt. Phil’s Jake pissing off his old man with another abuse of his father’s credit card.  Wow, what else will Season 4 have in store for us?  I am not sure, but I can’t wait!!!  See you all next week!


7 responses to “Deadliest Catch – Season Four

  1. This is one of my favorite TV shows to catch on a weekend marathon. My friend’s advertising agency did a lot of the promo for this season of the show and you got it exactly right that this season is supposed to be more focused on the contestants.

    I don’t think I’ll catch it every week, but I’ll definitely end up watching the full season on a lazy Saturday. It’s one of the most addicting shows on TV!

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  3. This is, by far, the best show there is. I’m not into “realty” shows but this is the only “true” reality show there is. The drama and the cast of charaters are great. I always wanted to move to Alaska when I was younger and that desire has never left me. I’d love to live in Dutch Harbor but being a 52 year old female, I don’t think I could find a job. I’ve always been more of a “nature” lover and hard work comes easy for me. Thanks for sharing this great show with all of us. If I ever win the Lottary, I’m on my way!!

  4. what a great show i find it so good i could watch it any time day or night you never no whats going to happen next keep up the good work from your uk fans

  5. Hi Carole, I am glad that this show has such a strong following across the pond. There is no other show on TV that can capture the pure excitement and danager of life at sea in each eposide that is aired. I can’t wait for season 5 to start – March 2009.

  6. hey , i am from belgium. like the program. and won t too buy a t shirt of the time bandit. and speak to the captain. i am a biker and like ships and lynerd skynerd greetz

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