Adding up the Pork

One the items that have been preached by all the contenders during this Presidential race is the need for fiscal spending on the Federal level.  This fiscal responsibility is more important now than ever before since the United States will continue to fight two wars while dealing a waning economy.

So, which one of the Presidential contenders has a track record of being fiscal conservative?  The answer is Senator John McCain.

Per the latest Congressional Pig Book from the watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste (this group tracks “pork-barrel” spending by congressional members); found Senator John McCain as the winner.

Senator McCain did not sponsor any “pork-barrel” projects for Arizona over the last few years.  However Sen. Barrack Obama sponsored 53 “pork-barrel” projects totaling $97.4 million in spending.  Sen. Hillary Clinton was even worst.  She sponsored 281 projects totaling $296.2 million. 

So you tell me, who would you like holding writing the Federal Budget over the next four years?  The numbers speak for themselves.


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