McCain’s running mate

 My Sunday paper had an interesting article that asked the question who will be Senator John McCain’s running mate for the race to the White House.  A question a lot of us on the right, middle, and the left are starting to ask.

McCain’s choice of running mate is an important one especially with the perception in the party that McCain is not truly a conservative in the mold of Reagan instead a moderate (an image that he crafted throughout much of his political career).  One way is to pick a running mate that holds many of the ideas that are at the core of the conservative movement – pro-life, limited government, low taxes, immigration reform, and for the most part a Christian.  It would also help if his running mate hails from the south.Grand Old Party - GOP

Robert Stacey, a professor at Regent University, has put together several scenarios that he sees potentially play out before the convention starts later this summer. 

Could Huckabee be Robin to McCain’s Batman?  He is from the south, a strong pro-lifer, and a “Christian” – all qualities that McCain might be looking for.  Then again Huckabee is a real flake and when  pressed about his views, he changes them quicker than Dolly Patron changes wigs.  So Huckabee is out.

Could his running mates be the Governors Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Mark Sanford of South Carolina, or Charlie Crist of Florida?  All have a good conservative base and can pull in the southern vote.  Well, Robert Stacey doesn’t think he needs them. 

This election is about change the moderate and the independent vote.  What better way to demonstrate change and to capture the moderate/independent vote is get a running mate that compliments your own position?  Rudy Giuliani could be the one, plus he’s good friend of McCain and is “America’s Mayor.”

Better yet, how bout his old, dear friend Senator Joe Lieberman!  Lieberman can not only bring quite a few Democratic votes to the table, but the independent vote as well which tends to shift most Presidential candidates into the wining column. 

Also, Lieberman could also tip the balance in historically blue states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, California, and parts of New England.  Victories in these could offset the lack of a Southern on the ticket.  McCain could also run with the tag line that he is truly looking at bring bi-partisan politics back to Washington.  What a novel approach!  The major drawback to this strategy is upsetting the base of the party. 

Will hard core Republicans still vote for McCain?  A question that is too early to determine.  Stay tune…


19 responses to “McCain’s running mate

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  2. Here are McCain’s best potential picks:

    Christopher Cox
    JC Watts
    Robert Portman
    Tim Pawlenty
    John Kasich

  3. What about Alan Keyes?

  4. Intersting…I guess, but what releationship does McCain have with Keys?

  5. Herman Cain would be a good pick for McCain’s running mate.
    Check him out @

  6. Illinois Voter

    Alan Keyes is an embarrassment. He ran a horrible campaign against Obama in Illinois, rocketing Obama to stardom on a 2 to 1 win over Keyes for U.S. Senate.

    Keyes is out of the question. He represents the past of the party that we cannot have on the ticket and have any chance at winning.

  7. GOP Strategist

    I would advise you all to look quite closely at the Governor of Alaska…Sarah Paulin…she defeated Incumbent Republican Gov. Frank Murkowski and is a conservative, who is young enough to challenge the youth and race/gender of the other party..

  8. That would be an intersting choice…I like it, it puts a woman on the ticket that could do battle with Obama and Clinton, however being so far in Alaska no one has heard of her which would hurt the ticket to a degree. McCain needs a name that all the right can respect and rally around.

  9. Just a thought

    How about Condeleesa Rice ?

  10. Now I like that idea as VP – Rice. She not only gives you the woman voting block, but also a minority voting block too. Not to mention that she is sharp as a tack.

  11. I’m suprised that no one has mentioned Mitt Romney. He has executive experience, he is now an all-around conservative, and he is intelligent enough to maintain a debate with the democrats in the National Election.

  12. I would go for J C Watts. Blacks need a good example to get away from their dependency on the gov. for everything and I think he is the one we need on the ticket to counter the Obama factor. But has he been vetted….who knows what lies in peoples closets?

  13. I’d think Paul Ryan would be a good fit for Mccain. Congressman Ryan is a good guy, consistent well respected and young. Plus, he is from Wisconsin. How can you lose? 🙂

  14. Jonathan McCain

    What about Mas Selamat the recent ‘terrorist’ ‘escape’ from Singapore? A McCain/Selamat team would send a clear message to Americans that we are ready to play ball!

  15. Not MY preferred choice, but I expect to see McCain/Santorum in November.

  16. Mitt Romney is a genuine conservative who would secure the party’s conservative base. His strong suits (health care and economics) as well as his almost total command of details are exactly what McCain needs in the looming campaign to shore up his shaky platform. And because McCain will only be a one-term President (assuming he wins), being his V.P. for four years would be just the thing Romney needs for a serious run at the Oval Office next time. A McCain/Romney ticket is the most most electable combination the Republicans have. We can only hope McCain gets the message.

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  18. Rice has my vote!

  19. Rice would be nice fit, even Powell, but I like Mitt here due to his ecomonic background whould strengthen the ticket for McCain.

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