Polution turns a river red in China

 In the eyes of the global environmental movement, the United States is the “Great Satan”, to steal a line from the Iranians.  No matter what the United States does, it is not good enough to help the environment and the United States is root cause of all the world’s environmental problems – global warming, acid rain, ocean pollution, etc.

My question to the global environmental movement is why isn’t China singled out like the United States?  Here is a good example of extreme pollution that was just a minor blip on the radar in the liberal media.River Polution

The Associated Press reported on that parts of the Han River system (branch of the Yangtze) turned red and foamy, leading the Chinese authorities to cut off water supplies to about 200,000 people.  This water crisis included issuing bottle water, providing water from fire trucks, and closing five schools. 

After a battery of tests, it was discovered that the river water contained elevated levels of nitrogen, permanganate, and ammonia.  All these identified chemicals are toxic for human and animal consumption.  Guess where these chemicals are going to end up…in the Yellow Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

This example is just one of the many rampant pollution problems plaguing the main water supply in China.  And this problem is not new.  Pollution has been on the rise and unchecked in China for the last 20 years.  Water pollution is not the only problem in China.  Don’t forget about the horrible air quality that hangs like a brown fog in most Chinese cities. 

Can you believe the Summer Olympic Games might cancel some events not because of the weather, but because the pollution is so bad the athletes can not breathe?  Yeah, unbelievable!!!

So, I ask, where is the global call of arms in the environmental movement for China to clean up their act?  From where I am sitting that call of arms is falling on deaf ears.  The environmental movement is so focused on the United States; it fails to see the big picture – China.  It is time for the spotlight to be on China and call for it to make a real change in how it handle the environment. 

Is the environmental movement really trying to save the plant for our children or is it really an anti-United States movement in disguise?  A question we need to start asking ourselves.


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