Post Strike TV Episode Guide

As the end of the obnoxious WAG strike becomes a reality in the coming days, the question everyone is asking – “when will scripted programming return to our TV sets?”  What a great question! 

Thanks to people at TV Guide, we now have a road map on when our favorite shows will return with new episodes. 

Below is brief sampling on what you can find at  Thank God the strike is over!

Bones – four pre-strike episodes are left.  Fox has not made a decision if any additional episodes will be produced for this season.

24 – Jan 09

Chuck – Fall 08

CSI – CBS will shoot anywhere from four to seven new episodes to air in April/May.

Friday Night Lights – Done for the season and rumors are stating that the show may not return for the fall.  What a shame NBC can not commit so such a quality show! 

Dirty Sexy Money – Three pre-strike episodes are left, but ABC will use them to kick off the Fall 08 season.  Currently there is talk that ABC will commit to only 13 episodes next season.

Heroes – No idea?  With the decline in ratings, it is anyone’s guess if or when this show will return.

House – Fox is planning four to six new episodes for April/May.

Life – Fall 08

Lost – Six pre-strike episodes remain and are currently running on Thursday nights on ABC.  An additional six could be produced and air this season.  Let’s hope so!

NCIS – CBS is planning on five to seven new episodes, however only three will air this season.

Numbers – CBS is planning on five to seven new episodes and like NCIS only three will air this season.

Pushing Daisies – Fall 08

Reaper – Three pre-strike episodes remain while its overall fate of the show is now the Devil’s hands (CW).

Smallville – Two pre-strike episodes remain.  CW is hoping to shoot three to five additional episodes for April/May.  This could be the last year for Samllville.

Supernatural – Two pre-strike episodes remain.  Like Smallville, three to five episodes will shoot to air in April/May.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Five episodes remain.  Fox has not determined if the Terminator will be terminated.  Let’s hope not!


3 responses to “Post Strike TV Episode Guide

  1. TR06kS great site man thanks

  2. Would like it myself, just have to wait. When it does come, i think a lot of people shall be pleased.

  3. booo woo, Friday nights lights rules

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