News on Indiana Jones

If you are like me, you can’t wait to dust off your Fedora and your leather coat for the May release of the latest adventures of Indiana Jones – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Since the movie the movie went into production more than a year ago, very little information about the plot has been released to the public.  It wasn’t until 2007 Comic Con in San Diego that the public learned who would be co-staring with Harrison Ford –  Karen Allen – and the name of the film.Indiana Jones

Well since then, a few more details are now leaking out.  From what I have just read; I hope this tidbit is truly a hoax.  So if you don’t what to know and would like to be surprised in May, then stop reading.

With that said, the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is centered on the Aztec nation and the idea that aliens had a hand in the technological advances in this ancient society.  Furthermore, there is a scene in which three aliens are seated on thrones in an Aztec structure that resembles a spaceship.  From what is being said, these aliens look a lot like the aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which happens to be turning 30 this year. Hmmm….

So, do you think Spielberg is paying homage to Close Encounters in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?  He could be.  There is precedent for it.  In Raiders of the Lost Ark, THX-1138 (Lucas’s first movie) is present on a wing of the plane and in Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, there is a café at the beginning of the film that is named Ben Kenobi – Obi-Wan’s real name.  Not to mention ET in the Galactic Senate in Star Wars” Episode I – The Phantom Menace, to name a few.  So, it is not surprising if this holds true. 

So, I been thinking…Lucas and Spielberg should not stop with aliens in the film.  Instead they should interject a few other references for the fan enjoyment which I have listed briefly below.

  1. Indy is briefly stranded at sea while a Great White Shark circles his boat. (Jaws)
  2. Indy kills a bounty hunter over drinks at his favorite pub (Star Wars)
  3. Among the Aztec treasures, Indy discovers a plan to recreate dinosaurs using DNA found in fossils – (Jurassic Park)
  4. Cameo of Oprah (Color Purple)
  5. A discharged Private Ryan (Saving Private Ryan) works as a guide for Indy.
  6. War of the Worlds playing on a radio in the back ground
  7. A DeLorean that almost runs over Indy, but stops right in front of him with Professor Brown getting out asking him what year it is (Back to the Future).  Then the passenger door swings open and a foul mouth duck hops out giving Indy an ear full (Howard the Duck) about jay walking.
  8. The Aztecs try to sacrifice Karen Allen in a volcano (Joe Versus the Volcano)
  9. As Indy investigates the Aztecs ruins, he stumbles across a gaggle of Gremlins (Gremlins) that he has to fight while being haunted by lost souls of the Aztec Empire (Poltergeist).
  10.  Instead of finding the lost Aztecs secrets, he stumbles across the long lost treasure of “One-Eyed” Willie.

What could be better…see you all the movies in May.  Stay tune for more Indy news!


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