The Joker Found Dead – Heath Ledger!

Today Heath Ledger was discovered dead by his housekeeper in his New York apartment.   NBC4 out of New York is Ledger as the Jokereporting that the housekeeper found him unresponsive in his bedroom with pills surrounding him as he layed faced down on the floor toward the end of the bed.  CNN has also confirm these details from the NYPD.  Heath just completed his roll as the Joker in the upcoming summer movie – The Dark Knight.  Ledger was 28 years old.


16 responses to “The Joker Found Dead – Heath Ledger!

  1. God dman drugs!

  2. It’s so sad. I never knew him or would never have met him, yet it’s heartbreaking! My condolences to Michelle and Matilda. R.I.P Heath…..

  3. was he gay? damn shame if he was

  4. WhAT iF tHERe is LiFE AfTeR DeAtH? HAHAHAHA

  5. It was very very sad to hear of this news, may he now rest in peace

  6. Stephen Speed

    Just watched Dark Night and it felt odd as Heath has just finished the move and we are watching him acting. What an “Amazing” person , we loved his move and wish Health to rest in peace as he is in a better place. Love to his family and we will all feel a loss with Heath no here.

    A life cut to to short, however if you look at the interview on you tube with heath about playing the joker he looks very on edge and must take a lot out of him playing a mentally ill person in the dark night. I worry that he may of found it hard to turn those acting emotions off and this may of caused him issues. In his interview he looked electric but on edge. Why did people close to him not see he needed help help help!!!

    Love you tallent and God Bless Heath !!! xx

  7. damn man heath ledger was awesome in this movie you will never find someone who could even come close to playing the joker as slick as he did rip man

  8. R.I.P Heath Ledger.
    you were a brilliant actor.
    nobody could replace you as the joker in the dark knight.
    nobody could even come near to the way you played him.
    we all loved you.
    R.I.P Heath Ledger.

  9. I agree with everyone, this is a tremendous lost. Heath nailed the Joker like no one else has…WOW!!! His protrail gave me shivers up my spine. One of the best villians in the movies!

  10. well done on a great job as playing the joker heath u even scared me just the look and the way he played him was outstanding and may u know my heart goes with u

    rip my friend

  11. Prashant Chaturvedi


    This is Prashant a very very very big fan of Heath Ledger and the dark knight . I would just want to say that hats off for jocker an outstanding & tallented actor ‘Heath Leadger’ . It dosent matters that where you are and how you are , I wish that you always remain in peace and happy . The role you did in the dark knight will always be remembered for a ever long in our memories . You have left us that was a very sad news , but you went after making your identity , your own name . You made ypurself a legend in acting to be remembered for ever . I always belive that everyone come in this world for a purpose and when this purpose is over then , they pass by leaving them in our memories to be with everyone we know for ever . As per me I think your purpose was to give the best performance in acting ever given by any actor . We all will always remember you for ages . I also belive it from my heart that you will get the oscar award for the best villen and for the best acting performance ever given in the history of film making . Be GOD with you in your favour .

    Iwould also like to dedicate the song Forgotton(Linking aprk) Higher and to you

    Your’s Lovingly
    Prashant Chaturvedi

  12. Why so serious??
    we all have to die someday but i do very feel sorry

  13. Damn my favourite actor ! 😦
    rest in peace !!!!

  14. I dont feel sad at all why care about someone u did not evan no


  16. RIP heath you where the best joker Ever

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