Supernatural: Rising Son

Banking on the success of the Supernatural: Origins comic series from Wildstorm (DC Comics), Peter Johnson (co Rising Sonexecutive producer of the TV show) has decided to dial up the Winchester boys again for a new set of adventures.   Starting April 23rd, Wildstrom will publish a new six-issue miniseries call Supernatural: Rising Son.  This series picks up a few years after Origins takes place.  John is now training 11-year-old Dean to hunt and discovering some of seven-year-old Sam’s uniqueness.

Peter describes this arc as a dysfunctional-family story whereas Origins explored John’s rise and development as a hunter.   At 11, Dean starts to discover that his dad is more than a dad – he’s a hunter of evil.  If you thought your family was dysfunctional, I bet after checking in with the Winchesters your perception will change.  

The Winchester boys are back and you know what that means — fire/brimstone adventure.  Hang on and enjoy the ride!


13 responses to “Supernatural: Rising Son

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  3. Hi guys, I have been a fan of Supernatural from the beginning but I’m afraid the Dean death and hell scene was kind of lame. It was too melodramatic and old. A more subtle approach would have been better in my opinion and it could have been left to the imagination of the viewer or maybe hollywood doesn’t credit the audience with any intelligence. My opinion….Pinhead meets the original version of the fly. Help me…please somebody ….help me… They may as well have put in a big rubber spider lmao. And why wasn’t Bella hanging there tooo….lol Anyway…I’m still a big fan but come on Supernatural team….give the folks some grey matter credit points.

  4. I disagree with Supernatural fan. Dean’s death was unexpected – we all expected Sammy to save him. That alone was a tad shocking. The Hell scene was a freaky – it made me feel more than a little uneasy.

  5. Supernatural Fan

    The finale episode of Supernatural season 3 was the most heart melting, with Sam and Dean singing in the car, the most heartbreaking, hearing Sam plead with Lilith to stop killing Dean, and the most heart burning, seeing Dean chained in Hell crying for help and crying for his brother Sam. It was an episode filled with emotions that even as I write this down my hands shake and my heart aches. I love Supernatural and I love Jared and Jensen, they do such a great job on the show, and the writers and art directors and the whole team on the show, I think, do a great job as well. I can’t wait for season4!

  6. The stupid thing about this serie is that there´s only bad things happening…demons taking over people (LOL) and angry spirits, angry werewolfs and stuff like that! When there’s bad things, there’s good things too! Where are the good spirits? Or the angels (LOL xD)? Well, maybe the serie is meant to be like that. Oh, and I didn’t like the hell part too.

  7. but don’t get me wrong, I still love Supernatural and the two starring brothers ; )

  8. Whereabouts can I find this comic?

  9. Spontaneity, could can find this in any comic shop. It is published by DC Comics or you could order it online through

    This is a great read which I highly recomend.

  10. I agree with Supernatural fan in that the Hell scene was a bit too… something. It should have been different. I’m not sure how but I think they could have made it more frightening and given a real scary perspective of Hell, where it would be terrifying on a personal level for the person. Still love SPN and the ending scenes before that one were amazing. I loved the singing in the car too, and the scene standing by the clock with Ruby was a tear-jerker. I liked Bella’s end scene, too. She did that well in my opinion. If season four is going to bring any Hell-flashbacks, I hope they are different. No other criticisms, amazing awesome show.

  11. Bee, thanks for the comments. Season 3 was killer (pardon the pun), but I will have to say that so far season 4 has exceeded my expectations…with the introduction of Angles and selective Hell-flashbacks that continue to torment Dean, I can only image how this will all play out as the climax builds with the eventual show down with Lilith and the Seals. This must see TV!!!!

  12. Hi,,every body!!!I always wattching Supernatural…………….That’s so amazing!!!!!!Yeah…just that I say,,,,,bye……….REMEMBER ALWAYS WATCH “SUPERNATURAL”…..CAW!!!!

  13. Виктория

    Уймитесь амерекосы, Сверхъестественное заебись сериал!!!!!!!!!!

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