The Buy More

With Turkey day and Black Friday behind me, I am ready to join the mad race to find the perfect gift before Christmas Eve.  This time of year is always an adventure as I wade through the sea of shoppers to fill my Christmas list for my dear love ones.  Like every other male, I hate to shop.  Especially when I have to battle crowds which include angry women. The Buy More

So, I try to keep my shopping to a minimum and purchase a majority of my gifts online if all as possible.  However, there are some gifts and store sales that draw me out of my comfortable and safe surroundings.

This year it is Buy More that has done that.  They have everything a savvy, price conscious shopper like myself is looking for – helpful staff dressed in green, a wall of TVs that would make NASA jealous, a home theater room that looks like it would be at the NSA, good prices, and the Nerd Herd.  Nerd Herd?  Yes, a herd of geeks that can help me with all my electronic issues, questions, and guidance.  Where else can I find a guy/gal dressed in white shirt, black tie, white socks, high waters, penny loafers, and pocket protector who is willing to give me a helping hand?  No where, but at the Buy More.

The Nerd HerdAs I search through the store for the one movie my wife is dying to have for Christmas I can’t help but notice how familiar everyone is.  I can’t put my finger on it, but I swear that this store could have a Morgan, a Chuck, and a Big Mike prowling the aisles waiting to leap out with assistance on a moments notice.

Ha ha!  I found my wife’s movie.  Christmas is now saved!  Time to check out and head back to my humble abode, mission accomplished.  As I check out I still have this nagging feeling something is so failure with this store.  Oh well, it will come to me.  Let pay the nice casher and get out of dodge.  As I am waking out the doors to my Suburban it has dawned on me…this is Best Buy not the Buy More.  Wow!  Who would’ve thought that I could mix up a TV show with the real thing?  I guess sometimes art does imitate life when you least expect it. 

Have a great Christmas and Happy Festivus!


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