Hillary Gate in the Heartland

If he campaign funds from Norman Hsu weren’t bad enough from Sen. Clinton, now it has be reveled that at a recent town hall meeting Iowa on November 6th the Clinton campaign planted questions in the audience.  Can it be, a Clinton breaking the rules for their own advancement?!!

Mo Elliethee, a spokesman from Sen. Clinton’s campaign, has admitted to planting questions; however, Sen. Clinton was Sen. Clintonnot aware which audience member had been coached.  This fact was confirmed by Grinnell College student Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff – “They were canned.”  So they say…like they didn’t know the money from Norman Hsu was against campaign finance laws too!

Okay, it’s a heated election and on the left the field is quite crowded with candidates, so an average person might give her a pass for this first.  Chock it up to a lesson learned and move on.  But now it as been reveled that she planted question a second time in Iowa!!!  

Hillary, are you that stupid!  Geoffrey Mitchell has come forward stating he was approached by Chris Hayler from the Clinton campaign to ask a question about Bush/Iraq War and her stance against funding it along with a timeline for troop withdrawal. 

We knew politics were dirty especially between parties, but in own party.  These elementary stunts are a sign of desperation, showing that Sen. Clinton is not a lock for the Democratic nomination or popular among the mass in the heart of this country. 

It also shows she does not have the political charisma that her husband has.  If she is desperate enough to use these tactics, what will she do next?  Buy an election like JFK?  Well, it only November 2007, we have almost a year of these childish shenanigans.  Lord help us now!


One response to “Hillary Gate in the Heartland

  1. It cost two much and we dont want it

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