Breaking News – “Heroes: Origins” DOA?

 With the pending Writers Guild Strike and poor ratings this season of their flagship series Heroes, the unofficial news out of NBC is that “Heroes: Origins” will not be getting the six-episode run that was expected in April 2008 and has been pulled from its mid-season launch.Heroes  Right now NBC is not commenting on the fate of “Heroes: Origins” nor revealing on what stage the current production process the series is in.  If they are considering pulling it, I would say that production is in its infancy. 

Also, if the strike runs as long as the 22-week strike in 1988, all shows will be in jeopardy.  Who knows, a long strike might not be a bad idea for Heroes, the longer the show is off the air the more opportunity the producers have to save this sinking Titanic.


2 responses to “Breaking News – “Heroes: Origins” DOA?

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  2. I’m kind of glad this spin off was canned. I think Heroes might have over extended itself this season. I don’t think we really need more new characters.

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