Heroes – The Line (season two)

Last night on Heroes – The Line we discovered that once again that judgment has come raining down on New York City for her sins.  The drums of Armageddon are once again beating.  Each day the drum’s beat becomes louder and louder until that fateful day of judgment when drums becomes silent – June 14 2008. Judgment day!  A plague of biblical portions rains across the land. 

Jeremiah 21:6 And I will smite the inhabitants of this city, both man and beast: they shall die of a great pestilence.

Peter’s journey through time/space brings us to that fateful day when the Big Apple once again is the battleground for good and evil.  Are our beloved heroes the catalysts that put the wheels in motion for this event to occur or the just pawns of the Company to push an agenda forward?  What is the “League of Twelve” connection to all of this?  Is Matt’s long lost father connected to all of this? 

Did the vaccine that Bob/Mohinder are developing cause this plague or is this plague a natural event to eliminate the humans who are not part this new evolutionary process?  Will Peter be the savior again or an instrument of the “League of Twelve” to cause this event? NY 2008 - Hereos (The Line)

Who is Adam Monroe?  Is he a member of the “League of Twelve,” another “Big Bad,” or a much needed hero who can help save mankind from their pending fate? 

What we do know is that not only does Adam have a connection to Peter but he is also linked to Bob as we discover through the file Bob has.  Plus Adam is number 9 on the list of new heroes that has been introduced so far this season which is quickly growing.

All is right with the world for now – Claire is back as a cheerleader on Heroes 90210.   She can now save the world…I guess.  Speaking of Claire’s storyline, where is going?  Will Dylan, Brenda, Brandon and the rest of Peach Pit crew show up to give Claire an interesting story?  I tell you something is needed here!

This episode is the foundation on where the show is heading for this season – the destruction of New York, Peter at the center of the story, and majority of the Heroes contacted in some way or fashion.  You could almost say Season One repackaged.  Let’s hope there is more meat in this sandwich.


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