Veronica Mars on Heroes

Wow, Kristin Bell on Heroes!!!  Before I could get these words of glee out of my mouth to my dear wife, the excitement turned to disappointment within minutes of Bells’ arrival in the episode “Fight or Flight.”  You see, I had high expectations that the infusion of Bell to Heroes would lift this season out of the pit of despair the show seems to wallowing in.Bell on Heroes

My disappointment was not Bell, who I think is an incredible talent.  Rather, my disappointment is once again with the writers/producers.  Instead of using the talents of Bell to create a unique character to build on, I thought I was watching a flash back of Veronica Mars minus Wallace, Logan, and the rest of the gang.  

Where has all the creativity gone from this once ratings hit for NBC?  As I mention before, the only interesting plot so far this season is the Parkman/Father/”League of Twelve” thread.  It was pleasant this week to be treated to just over half of the show to this interesting plot thread.  Too bad next week we will be subjected to “Pablo and Nikki” and Romeo and Juliet again …both plot threads that seem to not only be the weakest this season, but the ones with the least imagination.

In case anyone is keeping count, so far 8 new heroes have been introduced this season.  How many more heroes can they squeeze in before the season finale?  I bet the over is 16.

If you have not heard yet, Eli Roth of Hostel fame will be joining Kevin Smith in writing and directing an episode of Heroes: Origins.  From what I understand, his episode will be family friendly but suspenseful.  Not the torture horror that he is known for.  Should be interesting…


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