Heroes – Episode 4 The Kindness of Strangers (season two)

Since Heroes returned last season from the mid season break (4/30/2007), I have not been nearly as taken in with the show as I was when it appeared in the fall of 2006.  I found that the plot lines have been drawn out; characters not nearly developed, too many new characters, and last 5 episodes were a bit anti climatic especially the season finally.  With that said, I have gone into this season a bit apprehensive about where the show is heading.  So far my fears have come true.  Season two is picking up right were it left off – tired plot threads, new characters that the viewer can not build an emotional connection too, and story up to this point which has been fragmented.

However, not all is lost.  Last night’s episode (The Kindness of Strangers) provide me a with slim glimmer of hope that Heroes has the potential to be once again a great show.  I not referring to the tired twins tread, Clair’s romantic thirst, or Peter’s amnesia issue, but plot that deals with the systematic assignation of what I like to called the “League of Twelve.”  These are the original heroes – Linderman, Deveaux, Kaito, the Petrellis, Bob and now Matt’s dad, who we discover could be the “Big Bad” of season two.  Wow!  I did not see this coming.  What a smart move to make the “Big Bad” the father of character whose roll has been limited and questionable up to this point.  Instead of wishing that character Matt should have died at the end of last season, I now look at becoming invested in to his back story and his AWOL father.  I want to know more about the company, the “League of Twelve”, Matt’s father/powers, and more about Matt.  Also, how many other Heroes parents have a connection to this group?  These are all questions that I can not wait to be answered. 

I found every show needs a good conspiracy to make it not only interesting, but to create an appetite in the viewer that needs be feed each week.  The successful shows like Dr Who (season 3), X-files, Jekyll, Supernatural, Lost, and BSG know how to maximize this technique to create an experience that viewer must schedule time each week to have.  I hope the producers and writers give the Matt/Father/”League of Twelve” plot the attention it needs.  If so, Heroes could once again become must see TV again…


3 responses to “Heroes – Episode 4 The Kindness of Strangers (season two)

  1. I too am interested in the League of 12. I’m also interested in the fact that so many Heroes seem to have the same powers. Nathan and West can fly. Kensei and Claire can heal. And, I suspect that Hiro’s girlfriend who Sylar killed in that Texas diner and the young burger-flipping girl in New Orleans both have an ability to quickly absorb and store lots of information. Wonder if these heroes are connected to each other in some way. Hmm.

  2. Great observation Marc. I would agree that they all are connected in some way. Did you pick up that the car the twins and Syler are driving is a Nissan Rogue w/ CA plates…hmm could that be Clair’s stolen car?

  3. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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