What is wrong with Heroes?

Heroes is back!  So far over the last two weeks I have enjoyed the new season of Heroes.  The first two episodes have been a nice treat in getting reacquainted with some of my favorite characters after last year’s anti-climatic and Heroes - NBCdisappointing season finale along with meeting a few new faces.  So far the creators have done a respectable job in wrapping up loose storylines and providing updates to a majority of the Heroes we meet last season.However there are a few issues that I have found that is diminishing my Heroes experience so far.

  1. The commercials – okay I know that commercials pay the bills and being one of the hottest shows on TV, the buy time is a huge money maker for GE.  But come on…every 7 or so minutes there was a commercial break.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that the actual show time is less than 40 minutes.  Boy, I feel cheated.
  2. Okay I like Hiro and love that he transported to feudal Japan, but really…you can see this story thread a mile way.  Hiro is actually the hero of his childhood.  His travel back in time is not accident; it is part of the timeline and Hiro’s development as a hero.  I have seen this one several times in Star Trek.  Any new ideas?
  3. What is up with the entire product placement? First it was Nissan.  You remember the car that Claire received from HRG for her birthday…Yeah a Nissan Rogue.  It is the same model that Nissan was pushing in all their commercials during episode one.  Between the enormous amount of commercials and now product placement, I am wondering if I am watching an info-commercial that has a story.
  4. Characters.  I thought Lost had a huge cast, but Lost has nothing on Heroes.  Every time I turn around a new actor/actress has signed onto Heroes.  Who will it be this week?  To be honest, I have a hard enough time keeping everything straight from last season.  Now I have all these new connections and characters to track.  Before long I will need to map the whole Heroes tree/universe in Visio just to keep me sane!

Okay, with all that off my chest I am now ready to see where this season takes us and let’s hope the season will be as good as the hype.


One response to “What is wrong with Heroes?

  1. Hiro is not the hero of his childhood….. it is kensei ! they are completely two different persons.kensei does all the things of legend but hiro’s appearance in feudal japan serves to spur on kensei ‘s development.

    heroes die and new ones are introduced if only for a sub-series plot. fact is…….it is not a huge cast. take the time to appreciate how everything is connected. better if u argued that most of the heroes live in new york

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