XP to the rescue?

It’s déjà vu all over again.  On September 27, 2007 Microsoft announced again that XP would be hanging on a bit long.  Due to strapping pressure from Dell, Fuji and the rest of the computer makers, Microsoft has decided that the January 31, 2008 stop selling date would be extend to June 2008.  Wow…from someone looking from the outside in, this does not boast well for the valuated and much hyped Vista Operating System.  Windows XP

 So, what does this tell us?  Well a number of things.   

  1. The demand for Vista is not as great as Microsoft has reported.  This lack of interest is probably due to the expensive upgrades to older PCs that all users (personal & business) must do before Vista can even be installed.  Who wants to spend anywhere from $500-800 on new memory, new video card and operating system along with taking the time to update your BIOS and drivers?  That is lot to ask for any new product. 

  2. Vista compared to XP is not much more than a few extra bells and whistles.  However when XP rolled out, it was truly a revolution in technology over Windows 95/98.  Again you are asking yourself why should I shell out the money if my return on investment is minimal. 
  3. Is Vista really needed for the average user?  Most programs are still being written for XP and very few applications take advantage of Vista’s options.  So why purchase a new operating system when the current works just fine.

 With continued demand for XP, cost to upgrade, and limited applications currently being made for Vista, will Microsoft move the date again.  We shall see…It would not surprise me if it did and let’s hope so!


One response to “XP to the rescue?

  1. Why is new and improved rarely is?

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