Indiana Jones – News

On Memorial Day 2008 the fourth installment of Indiana Jones series hits the silver screen – Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Not only is Jones back, but so is his true love Marion (Karen Allen) along with a new side kick played by Shia LaBeouf. Beyond bits of casting information, most of the film details are still under wraps.Indiana Jones - vol 1

Don’t fret all you Jones addicts; you can still get your Indy fix before the film is released thanks to Dark Horse Comics.  Dark Horse comics have announced that it has acquired the rights to launch a new comic series starting in February 2008 based on the continuing adventures of Indiana Jones.  This release is just the beginning for Dark Horse.  First to be published is two Indian Jones books that are a collection of re-prints of past Jones adventures under Dark Horse.  These books will be followed up in April with the first volume of a graphic novel of Indiana Jones Adventures.  These books will come out every quarter.  After the film is released in May 2008, an all new monthly Indian Jones comic series will then be released. 

So dust off you fedora, get out on your leather jacket, and snap your bull whip, because Jones is back and let the adventures begin!


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