BSG – Caprica lives?!?

Good news, there maybe hope on the horizon for Caprica the Battlestar Galactica spin off.  Syfy Portalhas reported that Caprica is getting renewed interest by SciFi Channel and could be given the green light for production later this year.  YEAH!!!!BSG

The green light for Caprica all depends how well Razor does this fall.  If Razor does well, SciFi can justify the funding for at least a two-hour pilot.  There are two up sides to this, if a Caprica pilot does well, SciFi has a new series on its hands, which is need especially since Flash Gordan, Dresden’s Files and Painkiller Jane have all been failures in eyes of management.  If Caprica does okay or poorly, there is always DVD which will help recoup a majority of the cost for production.  So, a win-win everyone!

If you are not familiar with Caprica, it is a prequel to Battlestar Galactica which takes place about 40 years into the past around the time of the original Cylon war.  The show will focus on the rise of the Cylons and the Adama’s family. 

After two years of off and on for this project, let’s hope this time it is a go!


One response to “BSG – Caprica lives?!?

  1. My feeling on this is that the Scifi Channel is trying to capture lightning in the bottle with the success of BSG. Since there is no quality show on the channel, they are now realizing that if they can clone a show they can get more bang for the buck: ie SG1 to SG Atlantis.
    More importanly, the Scifi Channel needs to know the well it a new show will be received based on what it does to past goes. The proposed split of BSG 4.0 over 2 season is enough of a discouragement to not watch this channel ever again.
    FYI – I am spreading the word about a letter writing campaign against the Scifi Channel for its treatement of BSG 4.0. Please go to my blog to get a copy of the letter, mail it to Bonnie Hammer, and tell your friends to do the same. Join the Resistance.

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