24 – Tony Almedia is back!

24 is one of the few shows on TV that makes every character expendable no matter how popular they are to the fans and when they die, they stay dead no matter what.  Well I hate to break the bad news, 24 is doing an about face.  Coming off one of the worst seasons, the producers of 24 are hoping to catch lighting in a bottle all over again.  Besides changing the location of the show and adding new cast members, the Producers are bring back from the dead a favorite character.Tony Almedia of 24

Rising from the dead like the great phoenix – Tony Almedia, yes you read it correctly he is BACK!!  Yes, the rumors are true; Tony will be back on 24 for season seven.  The producers have not said yet in how he rises from the dead, but Tony will be back for season seven.  WOW!!!  Maybe there is hope for the new season after all.

Along with Tony, Chloe, and Bill Buchanan will be back, but not at CTU.  Season seven will focus in Washington DC where Jack faces trial for his past decisions and actions.  24 also welcomes four new cast members – Janeane Garofalo as an FBI agent, Bob Guton as White House Chief of Staff, Cherry Jones as the President (yes, a female President, is this a bit of foreshadowing of the 2008 election? -could be), and Colm Feore as the First Husband. 

The season begins on January, 13th at 8 pm; let’s hope it put’s last season memory to bed.


2 responses to “24 – Tony Almedia is back!

  1. i think tony is very pretty i have 10 years old but jack bauer its very very pretty

  2. 24 tony more beautifull

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