Castro saved Ronald Reagan

From an episode out of the Twilight Zone, the Cuban Communist party newspaper Granma is reporting that Cuba’s government saved the life of President Ronald Reagan in 1984.  I can hear the collective words coming out of your mouths – are you kidding me…a starch communist saving a devoted capitalist and arch enemy?  Yes, that is what is being reportedPresident Reagan

Since Castro transferred power to his brother Raul over a year ago, Fidel has been writing a series of essays for the newspaper Granma.  One of his essays highlighted the assassination attempt on President Reagan.  Fidel states a Cuban security official at the UN in New York passed along information to his US counterpart about a right-wing extremist group who had plans of assassinating President Regan during his trip to North Carolina in 1984.  The information that was passed included names of the conspirators, time/date of the assassination, location, and weapons that would be used.

After the information was received by the US, several arrests took place in North Carolina which led to a hardy thanks from the US Security Chief at the UN to Cubans for the tip.

Currently no one at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley,, CA or the FBI can (or is willing to) confirm this incident occurred.  Ms. Lisa Jones, a library archivist, did note that President Reagan only made one stop in North Carolina that year. 

So the question to ask is if this attempt really did occur and our Federal Government is hiding the details for security reasons or that the essay written is from a mad man who sees the world through extremely distorted haze of cigar smoke. I will let you be the judge.

For me, I see it as another attempt by Fidel to nurture good relations with the West which would lead to influx of much need capital.


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