NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

Boy, what a start to the 2007/08 NFL season!!!  There were hard fought victories, agonizing defeats, controversy and tragedy all first week of play; if I didn’t know better I would think this sounded like a Shakespearian play.   Then again, it just football…the new American pastime. NFL Logo

Each week the major sports outlets – ESPN, CNNSI, Sporting News, and CBS Sportsline publish a power ranking of the NFL teams.  These rankings not mean diddly in the grand scheme of things in the NFL, but does help the fan gauge how good your team in the eyes of the so called “experts.”  These rankings are also make conversation among your buddies at your local sports bar while waiting for next beer to be poured during half-time.

So, for fun of it, I thought I would take a stab at creating my own rankings based on my extensive years of “armchair quarterbacking and coaching” of NFL teams.  If you have a different order or feel that I am off my rocker, please let me know. 

Now someone get me a beer, football is about to start!

NFL Power Rankings – Week 1

  • 1. New England Patriots – Will video-gate user in the down fall of this “great” dynasty?
  • 2. Indianapolis Colts – Reload on offense, but can the defense hold up?
  • 3. San Diego Chargers – what can say, the best complete team in the NFL.
  • 4. Chicago Bears – If they can find an offense, the NFL better watch out!
  • 5. Carolina Panthers – are they one game wonder or are the Cats back?!?
  • 6. Cincinnati Beangals – The Carson Palmer show.
  • 7. Seattle Seahawks – Healthy and ready to strike in a much improved NFC West.
  • 8. Pittsburgh Steelers – Can Big Ben bounce back?
  • 9. New Orleans Saints – Can Bush carry the dreams of a city?
  • 10. Dallas Cowboys – How bout those Cowboys?!?
  • 11. San Francisco 49ers – Can the ghost of Walsh lead this young team to glory?
  • 12. Baltimore Ravens – Ray Lewis…that is all I can say.
  • 13. Green Bay Packers – Is this the last shoot out for Farve and company?
  • 14. Detroit Lions – 1 down and 9 more to go.
  • 15. Denver Broncos – Tight win last week.
  • 16. Philadelphia Eagles – A little rust on McNabb, not to worry.
  • 17. Tennessee Titians – How does Fisher do it?
  • 18. St Louis Rams – Wow, can they bounce back?
  • 19. Houston Texans – Mario Williams has more touchdowns than Reggie Bush this season.
  • 20. Washington Redskins – Can the Skins improve with Snyder running the team?
  • 21. Arizona Cardinals – The rise of the Phoenix.
  • 22. Jacksonville Jaguars – Is Jack on the hot seat in Jax?
  • 23. New York Jets – Is this the end of the Chad era in New York?
  • 24. Buffalo Bills – Time to circle the wagons.
  • 25. Minnesota Vikings
  • 26. Miami Dolphins – Is KC or Miami the worst team in the NFL?
  • 27. New York Giants – Injuries, injuries, injuries…
  • 28. Oakland Raiders – About time Russell signs. Where has the “Commitment to Excellence” gone?
  • 29. Atlanta Falcons – Vick is the least of their worries.
  • 30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Is Gruden gone after this year?
  • 31. Cleveland Browns – The Brady Quinn watch.
  • 32. Kansas City Chiefs – What a mighty fall from grace!

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