Doctor Who – Breaking News on Season Five

 For of us who are fans of new Doctor Who, I have a bit of breaking news that the BBC is reporting as the fourth season isDoctor Who set to air in the spring of 2008 in the UK.  The fifth season will not be on the air until 2010.  If you are doing the math at home, a whole year will occur between season Four and Five which is a bit unusual for any TV show either in the US or UK.

Hold on before you start firing up the Tardis and jumping ahead to 2010…there will still be a bit of Doctor in 2009.  Russell Davies will write three Doctor Who specials that will air in 2009 starting David Tennant.  As for 2010, it has not been released as of yet if Tennant will return as the Doctor or not.  Let’s hope so… 

For now, that is it for the news on the Doctor. 


3 responses to “Doctor Who – Breaking News on Season Five

  1. It is confirmed that Tennant is staying on for series 5. But the rumour has it that it will be his last series. According to the rumour mill, Robert Carlyle will be the 11th Doctor. Also Stephen Moffat (who wrote the award winning ‘Blink’ episode) is taking over as producer. I think this will take Doctor Who to the next level!

  2. Will Martha Jones be in season 5?

  3. Trevinom – the plan for Martha Jones was to have her join Torchwood for season 3 fulltime, however from what I have read that plan has now been nixed. The BBC is now trying to determine if they will use the actress who plays Jones – Freeman Agyeman since she is now staring in a show on a competing broadcast group – ITV. This move to ITV by Agyeman has really pissed off the brass at the BCC since Doctor Who is their #1 show.

    I hope this inpass is solved, I really enjoyed Jones both in Doctor Who and Torchwood (season 2).

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