Three most influential albums in your life

While listing to my daily cup of radio – Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio, an interesting discussing took place.  The discussion focused around the acknowledgment of Michael Jackson’s 49th birthday, which is today August 29th. Before anyone says it, why is Michael Jackson being discussed on sport radio?  Well, your guess is as good as mine…maybe too much Vick over the past several weeks and need a bit of levity is need?  Who knows…  

Any way, as the host talked about all things Michael Jackson, the discussion started veering toward the impact of Jackson’s music and especially the 1984 album Thriller on their lives.  The guest host on Mike & Mike – Eric & Sean then took the discussion to another level.  They asked the audiences what are the three most influential albums in your life time between the ages of 8-28.  Wow…what a great question!!!!  So it my turn.

With some thought, I came up with mine.

  • 1. Guns N Roses – Appetite for Destruction
  • 2. Nirvana – Neverland
  • 3. U2 – Acutung Baby

So, I would like to know what everyone else’s three must influential albums are between of your life between 8-28 years.  Please let me know….


2 responses to “Three most influential albums in your life

  1. i heard the show today too
    its hard to pick just 3
    i could pick 3 from any one group
    but here goes:

    white album/duh
    the doors/first album
    blow by blow/jeff beck

  2. Jimmer,

    All great albums which are on mp3 player. I am Sgt Peppers man, but the White Album is still killer.

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