The Ballistic Bookbag – what every child needs

Well it’s that time of the year again, kids are going back to school and parents are making the trip to the local Wal-Mart or Target for school supplies.  Yeah, those dreaded supplies – lunch boxes, notebook paper, pencils, erasers and backpacks.

On the market this year is updated and improved version of on old reliable school supply buddy – the backpack.  I know what you are thinking, what could they have done to make the backpack better.  Is it iPod friendly?  Are there pouches for your cell phone and PDA?  Is there an internal “camel pouch” for water in the pack?  No…all these options have been done already.  You can even get a GPS chip sewed into the pack so you know where your child is at all times…Not a bad idea, if I The Ballistic Bookbagdo say.

So then, what is the latest and greatest in backpack wear in 2007?  Here it is…  The front line of defense for your child’s safety – The Ballistic Bookbag!  The Ballistic Book bag???  Yes, the first-ever bullet and knife proof bookbag for your child. 

This book bag is made with the same standards, Level II that has been set down by the National Institute for Justice as an industry standard for most police body armor.  Now that is protection!  Being made of Kevlar® not only makes it durable, but lightweight!  You can’t ask for anything more that.  And $179.00 is a small price to pay for the safety of your love ones.

Now you can feel at easy when your child walks to their bus stop in your sub-division; you can have peace of mind that he/she can protect themselves from any attack.  Thank you Ballistic Bookbag!

So, when you grabbing those pens, pencils, notebooks, and papers this year, don’t forget to pick up your bullet proof back pack.  You never know when this item might come in handy.


2 responses to “The Ballistic Bookbag – what every child needs

  1. Damn, need this more than ever

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