iPone – The Secert is out!

Since the iPhone hit the market almost a month ago, a slow typhoon of controversy has been growing regarding this breakout electronic gadget of the year. 

First of many controversies is the price.  Yes, price . . . a whopping $499.00 for a phone!  Heck you can get laptops cheaper than this phone!  This phone is like a majority of Apple products — overpriced.

The second issue is the battery.  It is soldered into the circuit board of the phone making replacement difficult and inconvenient to the consumer.iPhon by Apple

Then there is the bill.  By itemizing every use of the phone, the monthly bill for the iPhone takes a small forest to print.

And don’t forget about that high-tech utility tool that iPhone users get.  It’s a friggin’ paper clip.  So that’s why the phone cost so much!

Another point of contention is that this technological marvel is locked down tighter than Fort Knox.  What do I mean?  Good question.  So, here is the deal . . .  As if the price of the phone isn’t a big enough money maker for Apple, the company decided to have its cake and icing too by signing an exclusive partnership with AT&T cellular.  If you want the phone, you must use AT&T service – like it or not.

The Hacker-Gods have heard the prayers of all Apple owners.  They have unlocked the secrets behind the iPhone.  Just a few days ago, a hacker in New Jersey announced to the world, through a video on You Tube, that he has unlocked the iPhone.  Has this George Hotz unlocked the Rosetta Stone?  Good question.  An AP reporter using a T-Mobile SIM card has confirmed that Hotz has indeed unlocked the phone to make it possible to use it on other cellular phone networks.  WOW!!! 

So what happens next?  I am not too sure, but maybe consumers will now have another choice in provider(s) or even the possibility of the creation of a new cottage industry that is tailored to creating new application for the unlocked iPhone.  I will say it will be interesting to see what Apple and AT&T will do since the secret is out . . .


2 responses to “iPone – The Secert is out!

  1. Well, I for one am lovin’ my iPhone. $499 is a lot for a phone. But, I think it’s important to note that the iPhone is an iPod, a best-of-class mobile web browser, and also has Google Maps, YouTube, calendaring, photos and a host of other features. It’s pricey, but it does a lot.

    The pages and pages of bills was a stupid move on AT&Ts part, which it has just last week fixed. (I went with paperless billing from the start, so I never got a bill in a box.)

    I don’t like the locked-down nature of the phone either and hope that will improve over time.

    That said, you should try an iPhone. You might be surprised by how much you like it.

  2. Marc –

    I find the phone an innovated piece of technology that I quite intrigued by. If the price was not so high along with being locked into one carrier, I would have already purchased this phone. However price and carrier choices are extreme draw back for me at this time and for what I understand portion of the public too. I guess it is what it is…

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