Remakes in the works – Escape From New York & Enter the Dragon

Well if you have noticed, this season’s summer movies were mainly sequels of old hits that have run their course.  So, this has lead me to one conclusion, Hollywood has hit the wall on original ideas.  Well, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but this trend will continue in the near future.  I mean of instead of sequels, Hollywood is turning to remakes.   Currently in development in Hollywood are two classic remakes – Escape From New York and Enter the Dragon.  Yes, you read it correctly…Escape from New York

I will start with Escape from New York.  Attack of the Show on G4 reported on August 15th that Len Wiseman (director of Live Free or Die Hard & Underworld) has signed on to direct this updated flick.  Gerard Butler from 300 will take on the roll of Snake Plissken.  Ken Nolan will write the scrip, his previous work was Black Hawk Down if you do not reconize his name.  A release date has yet to be announced. 

In case you are not familiar with the movie, Snake Plissken is former war hero is currently a convict that sent into a futuristic Manhattan island super-max penitentiary (yes, New York is now a prison…go figure) to rescue the President of the United States after his plane crashed at the hands of terrorists.

Enter the DragonOn August 16 2007, Warner Brothers Studios announce they are planning to remake the Bruce Lee classic Enter the Dragon.  Kurt Sutter (producer of the FX show – The Shield) will direct this version.  Casting for this movie has yet to be announced nor has when the projected release for theaters.  There is even rumor that the title will change a bit to – Awaken the Dragon.

If you are not familiar with the 1973 classic, it is about kung fu fighter that infiltrates an island occupied by a rogue martial artist.  This is the last film Bruce Lee stared in before his death later in 1973.


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