Another Dead Wrestler

In the wake of Chris Benoit, another Pro Wrester has died – Brian “Crush” Adams.  He was 44.  The authorities are reporting that are no visible signs of injury or foul play neither occurred nor suspected.  Hopefully the autopsy will shed some light in his death.

When will the Federal Government look into this industry where death is now becoming as norm as the chiseled bodies these wrestlers posses?  Will more wasted lives need to be lost before not only the government, public, and main stream media realize there is problem with this “entertainment” industry.  Enough is enough!


One response to “Another Dead Wrestler

  1. What really distresses me is how immaturely Vince McMahon is treating this issue. If you watch the latest Raw episodes, he had a whole rant where he mocks the Federal Government and where he acts like he’s a scapegoat for political agendas.

    How convenient: his show has managed to completely erase the whole Benoit incident, and now he’s saying there’s no reason for the goverment to come down on him? Lord, that guy makes me sick to the stomach sometimes.

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