Heroes, 24, & Lost news from Comic-Con

 Several interesting notes about three of TV’s biggest shows that came out of this year’s Comic Con as reported by USA Today and other sources. Comic-Con 2007

First is a bit of Heroes news.  At the Heroes panel it was announced that Kevin Smith (director of Clerks & Dogma and writer of Green Arrow & Daredevil) will be directing the first episode of Heroes: Origins .  The name of the episode has not been announced, but it will air during April 2008.

The second bit of news is about Lost.  As most of the free world has already heard, Michael, played by Harold Perineau, will be retuning as a full-time character.  Along with the return of Michael, a new Dharma Initiative video was released.  This video is focusing on Orchid Station Six.  The website http://www.darkufo.blogspot.com/ has a copy of the film.  Keep an eye on the bunnies.

And last, but not least, 24 news.  As you may have already heard CTU will not be a part of Season 7.  Instead Jack will be outside of the metro-plex of LA. possibly either in New York or Washington, DC.  The season will open up with Jack in front of Congress to answer questions about his “crimes.” Also, the only returning character so far will be Chloe played by Mary Lynn Rajskub.  However, rumor has it that Tony Almeida (played by Carlos Bernard) will be back from the dead for this season.  So far no one at 24 will confirm or denied that Tony will be back.  Wow!

This should be one hell of a 2007/2008 TV season.


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