The Dark Knight News – Batman’s new ride and suit

Holy Hell’s Angles, Batman!  You guessed it, the new Batman movie opening July 2008 – “The Dark Knight” will have a new set of wheels in the garage.  The BatpodThe BatpodIf you thought the Tumbler was bad-ass, the Batpod is hells on wheels!  Lucky for us, the has the inside scope of the Batpod.  It has

  • Grappling hooks, cannons and machine guns.
  • Engines in the hubs of each wheel.
  • No handlebars. Steering is done by the shields that fit each arm similar to sleeves and provide the ability to rotate around the frame of the bike.
  • An interesting seat position. The rider lies belly down on the bike.
  • A high-performance engine.

Along with new wheels, Batman will also be sporting a new suit.  Thanks to we have a bit of insight on the new Bat threadsBatman's new suit

  • The cowl is now flexible enough for Bale to able to move his head which will provide better motion.
  • The cape has new abilities that are “top secret” . . . for now.
  • Razors on Batman’s forearms are now attached to the suit which allows them to be retractable weapons.

Make sure you tune in at the same Bat-time and to same Bat-channel for further breaking news on the new 2008 Batman movie. 


2 responses to “The Dark Knight News – Batman’s new ride and suit

  1. Im not sure about that bike thing, i would MUCH rather the Tumbler, so much more kick ass. Or that Murcielago with the two girls when he pulls up, now thats a Batmobile =P

  2. Yeah, I like the Tumbler too…what a sweat machine. Too bad I can’t get one!

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