Torchwood – Secrets of Season Two

Thanks to Sci Fi Wire, a few minor spoilers have been reveled recently about Season 2 of our favorite Cardiff By Division – Torchwood.Torchwood - BBC

Season 2 will bring a bit more insight into the background of Captain Jack Harkenss (John Barrowman).  The viewers will see flashbacks of Jack during his childhood, his mother and father.  We will also learn about the death of his father, plus what occurred after Capt. Jacks’ escape from Satellite Five and how ended up in the 19th century-present.  The views might also be privileged to see the offer Jack is given to join the Time Agency.

Also, James Masters aka “Spike” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be a guest star this season.  He role has not been released, but from what interviews Masters has give it definitely a “juicy” role.”

Along with Masters, Freema Agyeman aka Martha Jones from the third season of Dr. Who will be going Torchwood.   She will be reprising her roll as Jones.  Exacltly what she will be doing, it has not been said as of yet, but she will be spliting time between the 2nd season of Torchwood and the forth season of Dr. Who.

To get an idea of what is store for the Torchwood team, check out the demo for Season Two.

Season Two is currently in the middle of production in Wales and will be broadcasting in the UK January 2008.  Torchwood’s first season will air on BBC America in September.

That is it for now.  Stay tuned as more news of Season Two trickles across the Pond.


6 responses to “Torchwood – Secrets of Season Two

  1. it is rumored that captian jack is in season 4 of doctor who

  2. Ali, that is what I understand. Possible up to 4 eposides that Capt Jack will be on for the 4th season on Dr. Who. Wow!

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  4. I sure as heck hope he is; The Doctor would be lost without dashing Captain Jack back! I wonder if Jack will show The Doctor The Torchwood he rebuilt… anyway Masters is rumored to be another Time Agent (in the trailer you can see Jack and John (masters) fighting. Maybe Gwen and Jack will hook up…

  5. Wow! Masters was great in last night’s premier on BBC America. What a great opening to Season 2. If anyone has the nose to play a villian, Masters is sure a master at it! Great eposide! I can’t wait for next week!

  6. Heyy i really hope tat torchwood is doing a nother season

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