Beef – Greenhouse contributor?

The Telegraph has an interesting article today about “Eating beef is less green than driving.”  In this article, Japanese scientists have claimed that producing 2.2 lbs of beef creates as much or more greenhouse gas as driving a car nonstop from Richmond, VA to Baltimore, MD (3 hours).Beef Cow

Wow!  Now beef is bad . . . what is this world coming too!?!  These scientists concluded that the processing of four steaks of average size is equal to the equivalent of 80.25 lbs of carbon dioxide while consuming around 169 mega joules of energy.  The “processing” included the following items – producing cattle, transporting, cattle feed and etc.

Okay, we know that fossil fuels, cars, planting trees in northern countries, airplanes, buildings, deforestation, and now beef are all contributors to the Greenhouse effect.  The next thing either Al Gore or these “so called” scientists are going to tell us is that only way to stop the Greenhouse effects is to exterminate the human race!  Hello, that was already tried without much luck in WWII.  I guess being vegetarian is going to be good for environment — for now.  Who would of thought? . . . life’s pleasures and necessities are now considered evil. 

Then again, this could be an evil propoganda ploy by Chick-fil-A to influance the world population to eat more chicken.  I will let you deside which is true…


4 responses to “Beef – Greenhouse contributor?

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  2. Of course eating beef is bad for the environment, eating meat has been proven to produce greenouse gases that cause global warming. The vegetarians are the smart ones who actually care. Stupid fat slob meat eaters.

  3. I totally Agree with Alicia..
    At 1 hand they end up a life and eat it… and the same time at other hand.. they help prepar a big stupid reason to end million other lives…
    Supid Meat Eaters…
    Smart ones who actually care… :o)


  4. the statement is too simplistic, wake up to the difference between greenhouse effect and Climate change.
    1 volcano eruption recntly dropped world temperatures by 1.5 degrees.
    LA is warmer weekends due only to less traffic.

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