President vs Congress – who is better? America has spoken

While visiting Independence Hall on the 4th of July, I was amazed at the anti-Bush and 9/11 conspiracy protesters that were marching and demonstrating.  Most of these people were clamoring about how we need to impeach Bush, how much of a tyrant he is, how 9/11 was an inside job, etc. Washington DC

Well, it got me thinking about our democratic process especially since I was at the birth place of our nation – Philadelphia.  What is so great about our nation is if the will of the people do not like the current air in Washington, then the people have the power to vote a new representatives into office that share their political views and wishes.  This power was exactly what was done with election of a Democratic-controlled Congress in 2006. 

Since the beginning of 2007 we have had two distinctive branches of government that are controlled by different political parties and philosophies.  So, I thought it would be interesting to see who is doing a better job Congress or the President.

Per the most recent Gallop Poll (June 11th) – Congress has an approval rating of 24%.

Per the most recent Gallop Poll (July 11th) – President Bush has an approval rating of 31%.

Interesting . . . the President has a higher approval than the Democratic-controlled Congress.  What does that tell us?  Well, several things.

First, politics has become way too partisan and polarizing so getting a true account of how each branch is performing is difficult.  Secondly, you could conclude that Bush is doing a better job than Congress.  And finally, will this disapproval of the Democrats play a small or major part in the 2008 Presidential elections? 

Whatever the case might be, our democratic process is the greatest example of freedom and change works.  With that said, the 2008 Presidential elections will be one interesting race.


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