Rescue Me

Let Rescue Me Rescue you from a drab evening

Four years ago my wife and I fell in love with this funny, raw, dramatic series on FX called Rescue Me.  If you are not up to speed on the plot of the show, let me briefly fill you in.Rescue Me

The show is based around a firehouse in lower Manhattan several years after 9/11.  The show follows the lives of these firefighters, in particular one fireman name Tommy Gavin, in and out of the firehouse. 

Tommy like the rest of the men in this house is a typical male -a drunk, foul mouthed womanizer full of excess testosterone.  However, Tommy is also suffering from survivor’s guilt from escaping the tragedy at the World Trade Center while is buddies weren’t as lucky.  It is this guilt that fuels some of his most inhospitable actions — adultery, lying, drug use, and alcoholism — and also causes him to see/talk to ghosts of his fallen brethren from 9/11.  All in all, Tommy is your typical anti-hero. 

Along with Tommy, the supporting cast is made up of the men in his firehouse along with his estranged family — father, bother, cousin (former priest), sister, uncle, wife, kids and his dead cousin’s wife.  It is the interactions of Tommy with his personal family and his professional family that fuels the weekly adventures of this show.

Like similar FX shows, Nip/Tuck and The Shield, Rescue Me pushes the envelope of what can be said on cable from the language it uses and what can be shown by the various sex scenes, but these devices are used to accent the best stories and the writing that is currently on today.  The only writer(s) I have found that can do a better job with screen plays and dialog on television is Joss Wheadon.

Each episode explores another side of humanity that in lot ways is a bit dark but not too far from what each one of us had experienced in life our lives — from relationships, to death, rebirth, alcoholism, redemption, and friendship.  The show demonstrates to the viewer that life is not alway  a box a chocolate, but a bag of jelly beans.  Sometimes you get that black lickerish bean on occasion and you have to deal with it.

If you have not watched Rescue Me then you are not getting it… this is appointment TV at its best!


2 responses to “Rescue Me

  1. My Wife one Daughter and I are also true Rescue Me fans. Ido have to kick my Daughter out the room during some of the seens, since she is only 13 . lol. I grew up watching Emergency! and have always loved the EMS and Fire fields. Rescue Me is closer to real life than any other show we have seen. I served 8 years as an EMT for my community and also as an auxilary Firefighter. Glad to see some fans finally making comments about the show! Oh and by the way, we do have all three seasons on DVD and will be buying the fourth when it comes out.

  2. Sean, I glad there is another fan out there for such a good show. This season has been a bit werid, but I hoping it will make sence before long.

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