Top 10 reasons why I love WaWa

WaWa Store

If you live in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic you might have discovered that little island oasis in the sea of concrete we travel daily called – WaWa.  If you are not familiar with WaWa, then let me fill you in.  First impressions of WaWa is that it is just another gas station with a convenience store that sells beer and junk food.  Well my friend, it is more than just that.  WaWa is really a food store that happens to sell gas.  That is correct, a food store. 

What a food store it is – offering freshly prepared selections that are better than the local grocery store.  Oh yeah, did I mention WaWa sell gas too?

So I thought I would come up with my Top 10 List of why WaWa is the cream of the crop.

WaWa Top Ten

  1. The name – WaWa.  I love how if comes right off my tongue.
  2. You don’t have to worry about standing in line for hours behind Blue Hairs while they get their lotto tickets.
  3. Great coffee – yes every store has coffee, but do they have fresh Kenya AA, Dark Roast, and Chocolate Macadamia Nut in their pots?
  4. Fresh soft pretzels — just as good as the ballpark.
  5. Made to order hoagies – any size you want.
  6. Hot breakfast sandwiches – even with turkey and egg whites.
  7. Clean stores with lots of room.
  8. Open 24 hours a day with helpful staff to serve you.
  9. Healthy snacks for kids and adults – grapes, cheese, yogurt, and other fruits are a nice alternative to the candy bars and chips other stores offer.
  10. Great gas prices with lots of pumps so you don’t have to wait

If you haven’t tried a WaWa, then you are missing out on a piece of paradise while you travel.  If you already have, then God bless you!


8 responses to “Top 10 reasons why I love WaWa

  1. I work for Wawa as a csm and I am glad you love it too.

  2. Sheetz is better!

  3. chowtimeschange

    They were my favorite until recently. They cancelled the Kenya AA coffee…

  4. Yeah, I am upset by the cancelation of the Kenya AA too…I still holding hope they bring back at some point.

  5. I work for a Wawa in the suburbs of Philadelphia. It means a lot to know that we impact and simplify the lives of our customers, like yourself. Thank you for your kind words and loyalty – that’s what makes working for Wawa such a rewarding job.

  6. Aww I LOVE WAWA!!!

  7. FUCK SHEETZ! anyone who can in any way produce one shred of actual proof that Sheetz has, in anyway (whether it be price or quality), surpased Wawa, it is as fallicious a claim as that the holocaust never occured. Wawa is THE convienince store, and cannot be matched by anyone in the country much less the world.

  8. I agree! I love Wawa! I drive out of my way every morning to (past several other places) to get my Wawa coffee. I have googled Wawa from my Blackberry to find one if I’m out of town.

    If Wawa would ever issue stock I would buy it just so I can own a piece of the best store I know of!

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