Top Ten Things I learned from Star Wars

Star Wars IV - The New HopeA long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away Star Wars was born!!! Okay maybe not that long ago, but on May 25 1977, 30 years ago, the space opera we have fallen in love with hit the theaters at light-speed.

Star Wars was more than just another sci-fi movie.  It became an icon of pop culture.  Who could have predicted that a movie solely financed by a relative unknown writer/director George Lucas would not only, become a hit movie, but spawn its own industry, inspiring a generation of moviegoers. 

Star Wars reach is beyond just the film it’s printed on.  It became part of the self consciousness of a whole generation.  Every boy wanted to be Han Solo or Luke Skywalker fighting evil while getting the girl.  And every girl wanted to have the brains and beauty of Princess Lea, while kicking a little butt.  Phrase like “The Force,” “Light Speed,” “The Dark Side” invaded every day conversation and became part of our vernacular.

As a product of the Star Wars generation, I learn 10 important things from Star Wars and her sister movies.  

  1. Never sleep with a Wookie
  2. Make sure my Lightsaber is fully charged with new batteries
  3. Do not cross Jabba the Hutt
  4. Don’t ask Sandpeople for directions
  5. The Millennium Falcon is not a Bogart movie
  6. Storm Troopers are not short
  7. Extra dry clothes are a must when visiting Yoda
  8. Everyone has a bit of Darth Vader in them
  9. Always bring a Jedi with you to a fight
  10. May the “The Schwartz” be with you ——ops wrong movie!

Over the course of the next several days several channels will be honoring Star Wars 30th Anniversary.  Here are a listing of times and channels for some of these television specials.

May the Force be with you.


3 responses to “Top Ten Things I learned from Star Wars

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  2. Very uncreative…..there are much better lists online

  3. Thanks Joe for stopping by and the constructive feedback.

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