Lost End of the Season Spoilers and the missing Dog Years

LostI was surveying a few Lost message boards today and stumbled across an interesting suggestion for a flashback episode.  How bout a flashback episode for Vincent, yeah the dog.  Everyone else who is of importance in Lost has at least one flashback episode, even characters the audience really didn’t care about – Pablo & Nikki.  So why not the dog…

Here is what RONACJ from the Lost_ABC@yahoogroups.com came up with.

 We need a Vincent flash back episode. Here’s how it would work.
Scene 1. Vincent is seen as a young puppy, in training to be an assistance
dog. The professional dog trainer says to the couple raising him “Tom is
only 8 months old; but he should be doing better in his training; we’ll give him
another 4 months before we make a decision”. The couple raising him are the
same couple that will eventually try to adopt Claire’s baby. Note the
incorporation of 4 and 8, two of the numbers and the name Tom; which has been used
for several other characters.
Scene 2. Tom has failed as an assistance dog and is now up for adoption.
Brian and Susan Porter are searching for a dog for their young son Walt. They
pay an adoption fee of $108 and rename the dog Vincent. We learn that Vincent
’s dog license number is 162342.
Scene 3. Susan and Walt have Vincent out for a walk in local park. They
comfort a distraught young lady crying on a park bench about her mother in a
coma. Claire.
Scene 4. Michael and Walt are checking in at the airport; they’ve got
Vincent in his crate. The ticket lady comments “Getting the dog on the plane is
easier than getting that other guys dead father’s coffin on the plane”.
Scene 5: Immediately after the plane crash, we see Vincent finding Jack in
the jungle from the “Pilot” episode.

Not too bad…It could work, heck we have seen stranger things happen with the series.  So what do you all think?

Along with this interesting suggestion about Vincent, I also discovered a few spoilers are that floating around in cyber-space.  I am not sure if they will come to fruition, but they do seem plausible. 

What ABC is not telling us:

  • We do not get a lot more information this season about Richard Alpert and the island’s other natives.
  •  We do not get a lot more information this season on the Dharma Initiative or the Hanso Foundation.
  • We do not learn a lot more this season about Jacob.
  • We don’t learn more about the four-toed statue.* Christian Shepherd is not discovered alive.
  • Libby does not appear.
  • We will learn something huge about Kate.
  • We get a major clue related to the “other” Oceanic 815 that boasted no survivors.
  • We’ll be meeting new characters, not all of them in flashbacks.
  • Rousseau’s original Frenchy broadcast from the pilot plays a role this week.
  • There is much death in the finale.
  • Yet another original cast member goes the way of Boone and Shannon.
  • A long-absent regular returns. And that regular is not listed among ABC’s cast list.
  • We will see Terry O’Quinn at least one more time before the season ends.
  • We see a new side of Hurley.
  • Desmond does not sacrifice himself to save Charlie.
  • There’s a big reveal involving Naomi and Penelope.
  • The huge huge huge HUGE season-ending reveal resides in Jack’s very dark flashbacks, so watch them very carefully.
  • Between now and 2008, fans may scratch holes in their heads wondering how this show is going to continue next season.

One response to “Lost End of the Season Spoilers and the missing Dog Years

  1. I think this a great idea ! Vincent is actually a very inportant charecter! i love him.
    when is lost back on terrestrial ?!

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